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Microsoft Launches Office 365 Subscriptions Alongside Office 2013, But Macs Still Stuck on Office 2011

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Microsoft today announced the launch of its latest Office software suite, updating its applications for Windows machines to new 2013 versions and launching a new Office 365 subscription option.

    While the $99-per-year Office 365 option allows for installation on up to five computers, Mac users will continue to receive Office 2011 applications until an updated version of Office for Mac becomes available. Office for Mac versions typically follow about 12-18 months behind their Windows counterparts.
    Office 365 Home Premium is priced at $9.99 per month or $99 per year, while college and university students, faculty, and staff are eligible for Office 365 University priced at $79.99 for a four-year subscription.

    Aside from the Office 365 subscription plans, Windows users are also offered the option of standalone Office 2013 packages including Office Home & Student ($139.99), Office Home & Business ($219.99), and Office Professional ($399.99). There are no ongoing costs with the standalone installations, and a version of Office typically remains current for three years.

    Office for Mac 2011 also remains available as a standalone purchase, and users who purchase Office 2011 for Mac between October 19, 2012 and April 30, 2013 can shift over to a one-year Office 365 subscription free of charge.

    Article Link: Microsoft Launches Office 365 Subscriptions Alongside Office 2013, But Macs Still Stuck on Office 2011
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    Who needs to keep their Office updated anyway? They will just have the same functions, just an different UI:p

    The Office at my workplace's PC is still 2003:p:p:p
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    As a home user I would not spend $99/year to keep my Office subscription. I'd move to iWork at that point. I paid the home price for 2011 when it came out and intend to keep using it.
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    Open Office for Mac would be a nice choice too, at least it's free.
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    I got 99 Problems but Office ain't one.
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    So microsoft is also abandoning dvd distribution.... Cool
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    Anyone who thinks iWork or any other office replacement is a viable alternative to MS Office simply isn't a power user of excel. That doesn't absolve MS of responsibility though, since the Mac version of Excel is awful.

    MS is smart in this case. They know Excel is essentially required in business and keep the Mac version bad enough that people won't switch.
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    You still get the option to buy Office outright, but you don't get any of the extras such as extra Skydrive space, skype minutes, or future updates ( only point updates ).

    If you use Office on a regular basis then the $99 subscription fee could be good value. Otherwise you'll probably better off using something else, or buy the software outright as before.
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    Pretty much, the only cool advantage I see with 2013 is Skydrive integration. The only reason I got Office 2013 for Windows was because it was free from my school. Plus, I was able to get it last week.
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    My workplace of over 110,000 employees still uses Office 2003 and XP.
    If it ain't broke...
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    A bigger issue is people use Excel as a database. Its not a database!
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    Not bad for full licensing.
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    Desperate Microsoft..

    The fact is that Office is a mature product; the only advantage I see in paying a subscription is for the cloud storage and there are already plenty of other options. I currently sync all my stuff through DropBox, which works for me across platforms... Why would I want to pay for office again?

    The last upgrade to 2011, was justifiable on the basis that Microsoft had put back Visual Basic work-flows, something that should never have been taken away from the pervious version!

    Is this a case of Microsoft loosing the plot? again?

    I think the Office 365 option is probable good for corporate entities where managing costs are important, but for hime users, students etc, why bother?
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    To me it feels like Microsoft is throwing away money by not offering an iPad version.

    I wouldn't need it, but I'm sure there are plenty of business customers who would pay for a native version.
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    The Mac Version of Excel is a nightmare...
  16. Stella, Jan 29, 2013
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    Its a good deal for students since they get a subscription lasting 4 years. Basically their full university term.

    Microsoft should release Office on microsoft tablets while forgoing the iPad. Office on windows 8 for mobile devices would encourage businesses back to microsoft platform and away from Apple.
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    Word and Excel are basically the same product from the 90s.
  18. JayCee842, Jan 29, 2013
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    No reason to update. I'll continue using MS Office 2011. :)
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    Tried out the Office 2013 consumer preview. I liked it, it is certainly a step up from 2010, especially the cloud features, but not worth the price. Regretfully, Office is Office and many people are still happy with Office 2003.

    I was hoping for a lower price with Office 2013, but it looks like its actually higher than Office 2010 was. So I'll be sticking with 2010. :)
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    I disagree, numbers for iPad would push them out, I think. I also would say Numbers is a good enough alternative for Excel, but it shouldn't be used with Excel.
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    Microsoft's behavior here is really quite poor.

    Consider the fact that Microsoft cut its teeth on point and click, object oriented computing on the Macintosh back in the early days when Bill and Steve were best friends.

    Now this is the way they treat paying customers? Yes, if you use a Mac.

    MS stop crippling Office for the Mac. Keep it updated along with your Windows counterpart. After all you guys certainly know the Mac inside out. There is no excuse.

    Of course we should be grateful that MS deigns to give us Mac users anything. We're just a tiny portion of their business. And don't get me started on the non-existent iPad version of Office :rolleyes:
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    Where is Apple's iWork upgrade? At least Microsoft updates their software eventually.
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    Dr McKay

    At least Office 2011 isnt an eye-sore like 2013.


    Don't ever open Office 2013 in a darkened room...
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    Begun the cloud subscriptions have.

    I've been using the trial for a while now and it seems like a watered down version of office that has a tablet interface focus to it.

    Like Windows 8, I think I am going to skip this one.
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    Open Office is Open Ugly though.

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