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Microsoft Launches Outlook Apps for Office 365 Business Subscribers

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Microsoft today launched a set of native Outlook apps designed for Office 365 business subscribers who want to access their email on the iPad or the iPhone.

    Based on the browser version of the Outlook Web App, OWA for iPhone and iPad offer standard access to email, calendars, and contacts along with "additional capabilities that are only possible through native integration of the app with mobile devices."

    The apps, which are available only to customers with an Office 365 business account that includes the latest version of Exchange Online, offer a number of features like quick email organization options, shared calendars, and voice command support.
    OWA for the iPhone and the iPad are both available for free from the App Store.

    OWA for iPhone [Direct Link]
    OWA for iPad [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Microsoft Launches Outlook Apps for Office 365 Business Subscribers
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    Microsoft is a good friend for Apple to have.
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    Baahh - I still have an original ipad and the OWA for iPad app requires a front facing camera. EMAIL shouldn't require any camera. It's email, not video conferencing like skype.
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    anyone have managed to get the push notification to work on the iphone ?
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    Not going to "rent" ANY software, so I'm out on this one.
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    It's nice to see Microsoft making more apps for iOS, though I would much prefer more non-web apps for the Office applications, like OneNote is. Office 365 looks great and all, but I would like apps I can use while offline.
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    This is unfortunately a real let-down—the new apps are probably pretty helpful, but Microsoft is throwing standard customers who run Exchange on in-house servers under the bus :mad:
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    This app is for Office 365 for Business ($60-180/year per user), not to be confused with Office 365 Home Premium ($99.99/year for up to 5 PCs/Macs).

    If you ask me, Microsoft created too many tiers.
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    The OWA works perfectly well while offline ! The only issue I have at the moment is that push notification doesn't functioning :(
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    I toyed with the iphone version and after a minute or 2, it displayed "this content is ready for offline use."

    MS's plan is to eliminate on-premises Exchange and will eventually offer it only as a hosted subscription. Eventually, you'll be on the bus rather than under it.
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    It's also available to people who subscribed Exchange Online service for £2.60+VAT a month ... Not that expensive though ...
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    Multiple accounts?

    Does it support multiple accounts?
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    I use is for my personal domain email and it is fairly cheap considering what I get for it - full exchange plus remote Powershell access to modify just about any setting for about $5.00US/month.
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    Multiple account ? I use my own domain for emails and I also have three outlook.com and one gmail accounts attached to it via pop3 protocol. It works like an email client.

    Also this app is the only app I could find in iOS App Store that supports "Send As" functionality.
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    Well I don't see how to add another account to it....
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    For iOS... yes, it appears so. Office is free on Windows Phone. Might even be for Windows RT when they complete it.
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    Oh sorry , I miss understood you !

    I added other accounts online, not through the app.
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    I agree in an overall sense, but I don't see how you see that in this instance. In order for this to work with push notifications they need to have the server. Microsoft isn't going to build an iOS Push Notification server into Exchange with their certificate, so the only option is to offer it on hosted solutions.
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    No problem, Trying to understand why it does not support multiple accounts??????
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    You can add all your email accounts through desktop browser's version of OWA if you just want to check emails in one place. The only problem with that is when you reply to those emails, the recipient will see the "behalf of ". Although you can enable "send as" permission to your accounts with the same domain name, that's a really handy feature for a mobile email client .
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    I would never allow them to host the mail in my company and I know others who feel the same way. If they do not meet the on-site market need, another company will step up and do it for them.
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    There's one subscription option for home users, and 3 for businesses. I fail to see how this is too many. Please explain. :confused:

    Apple allows them to host their content, so I doubt they are too worried that you won't.
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    Microsoft probably made a front facing camera a requirement because they can't support the first gen. iPad.

    Developers sometimes need to do this.
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    ZDNET: Microsoft delievers OWA

    If you don't think the plan explanation just sounds painful, then nope, there are not too many tiers.
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    Definitely painful the way it was explained there. However, it needs to be in the proper context of just how much you can get with it (including voicemail, etc.).

    When I researched before commenting, I was looking at the following. It appeared a lot simpler than what you linked to. However, upon another look, it can appear confusing for a small business I suppose.


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