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Microsoft links data on phones, PCs in "Live Mesh"

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Is this not what dot mac should be offering iPhone users ?

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    now there's a good point. hopefully they are working on something similar
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    "Apparently" there'll be Mac support, but fortunately the BBC don't seem convinced.
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    Either Apple was gonna develop .Mac into a "business" or Microsoft was going to bring the idea into peoples consciousness and onto peoples PC's. Bit like Windows 95 all over again! An acceptable product, brilliantly marketed at the right time.

    it will be to Apples detriment.

    .Mac doesn't even resonate with anything like a majority of Mac users, the way it is now.
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    ^^ They have things like iSync now, and the iPod/iPhone sync excellently with a Mac or PC and have for years.

    All this gives is doing it over the internet, which only really adds the ability to sync between work and home computers. However things like the calendar can already be synced work to home by exchange or other tools, and for everything else its unlikely to be allowed as its a security issue.
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    You're missing the point entirely.

    it isn't so much about "work and home computer" synching as it is about life-synching and family synching...Imagine anything you put into your "family" folder being accessible to anyone in your family anywhere in the world. Accessible on their mobile phones, accessible on laptops, accessible on their TV and all of the computers in their homes. You're at a ball game and you take video with your iphone of your kid hitting a home run, and you toss it into the "family" folder, and it is immediately available to everyone in the family. Absent parents stuck in a board meeting, grandparents on the other side of the continent, school friends, whatever.

    I would count on microsoft to mess it up. But .mac is a mess and you have to pay for it. Maybe if it was called .iPhone then Apple would spend some effort on it?
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    Funny name ripe for parody?

    As soon as Microsoft makes a mistake with this people are going to call it "Live Mess". ;-)
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    I seriously believe

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