Microsoft loses its Halo 2

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 15, 2004.

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    Those people in Europe are going to get a first crack at the game:( I wonder how long the code will last on the internet.
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    This happened to Half Life 2 (someone hacked in and stole 1/3 of the source code... it was the excuse for setting the game back another half a year...)
    It is very bad news!!!
    Think about it... if you have the source code, you can see where all of the leaks are... it makes it infinitely easier to hack in!
    But then again... good news for Mac lovers... lol


    PS: On a side note, I don't have time to do any research... I was wondering if the following games are ever going to see the light of Apple:
    Halo 2
    Half Life 2
    The Sims 2
    (why all of the 2s?? no idea!)
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    It's not the source code that's been leaked, just the game itself.

    Halo 2: All of Bungie's other games have been released for Mac, so I expect this one will too.

    Half Life 2: No idea there.

    The Sims 2: Yes. Aspyr accidentally posted it on their site a couple of days ago (along with Doom 3 and the C&C Generals expansion). Don't bother looking, it's long gone.

    Edit: I've heard that Star Wars Battlefront was also up on their site, but I didn't see that one so can't confirm it.
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    i'm getting thsi asap, as soon as i can find where to get it from :cool:.
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    i know where to find it

    but i'd get in trouble for posting the link :(
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    I'd say once the game gets onto the internet it's almost impossible to get off. After a few days it would have been duplicated so many times it would be impossible to stop. And it would be shared on networks that microsoft can't monitor, like encrypted p2p.
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    pm it to me
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    If you could PM me with the link also, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    OMFG this is the most amazing game ever created :eek:, i'm going to be queing up early that november the 11th thursday morning with for £45 and i'm going to get two days of microwave food and a microwave next to my sofa :p
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    so i assume its working :rolleyes:
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    Or I could pay $99.95 (£38) online, and receive the collectors' edition at about 9 am on 9/11 via courier :D

    Not that I have an Xbox to play it on :rolleyes:

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