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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 29, 2008.

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    Link: Microsoft Messenger 7
    Description:: It's new, but there's little indication of what's new...

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    It still doesn't support webcamming!
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    Lame. :(

    Microsoft sucks! Stop being mean to us!! Gah.


    (But really. . webcam! Please.)
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    Y'know, I could say something right now, but I won't.

    The ONLY time I use MSN Messenger is when I'm chatting with a friend from P.R. and she wants to use some of her nifty-neato smilies (which are pretty cool to look at). That's it.

    The rest of the time, it's AdiumX to the rescue!
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    it says it supports audio and video chats... but i cant find either anywhere.
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    On the Microsoft site, it looks like video is only supported if you have Office Communications Server 2007.

    That is just silly....
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    So A/V but only for corporate accounts... Oh well, I guess it can't be that far away. Eventually they (or the Adium team) will get there.
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    Adium is still king of the hill.
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    aMSN has been supporting Webcams for quite some time now.
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    The interface is hell though...
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    lol@people that still use Messengers - soooooooo 1989? :rolleyes:;)
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    Hmm... my first experience with this is it telling me the service in unavailable. Three tries later, it finally works.

    God, anyone know if they are speeding up development of this? I can't wait till 7.x or 8, haha.
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    Haha, and what version is the windows messenger up to now? 27?:p
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    I know, its crazy! Buying a Mac got me away from MSN a few years back since MSN was crap, aMSN was gross to look at, and Mercury Messenger was hella slow... even though it *does* have webcam support.
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    The MSN 6 application icon fitted better with the overall look and feel of Leopard and Tiger. First impression: *sigh* another substandard product from Microsoft.
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    I read something awhile ago that personal accounts will get A/V once the windows version uses the new A/V stack.

    EDIT: It says this on the blog post on the Microsoft blog entry for yesterday:

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    Ok.. waited for messenger for mac 7 for a long time..
    Everything just look the same as 6!!
    Only new stuff is assign nickname (useless), a search bar for contact (still kinda useless.. how many people will online at a time? not that difficult to search and start a chat box with them)

    Going back to the ugly aMSN.. but it has all functions.. nudge, webcam, offline message...
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    If only it actually worked. The best we've been able to do is get the Windows user to see our video, but we can't see theirs. And audio doesn't work for either side; we both have to record audio snippets and send them over, each taking turns. And that's when it doesn't completely crash.
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    This is terrible! I was looking forward to webcamming on MSN too...

    *back to adium*
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    Genghis Khan

    So why did they bother calling it Msn 7...what does it do that is soo much better than 6?

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