Microsoft New Operating System in 3 years

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by aaronptrck, Jul 20, 2007.

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    Google News reports thar Microsoft is releasing a new OS in 2010... right now it is called Microsoft 7

    -Now first of all it is quite obvious, with the failure of Vista, Microsoft wants to move on...

    -2010 we can expect it will be delayed.

    -What features will Microsoft rip-off of Mac OS X this time!

    Microsoft can now be coined as "the most imitative company of the 21st century"
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    Google news supplies links to articles. Google news never reports :p
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    is anyone really calling vista a failure? give it time, people will have no choice but to upgrade to vista.
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    Scarlet Fever

    i just found a leaked screenshot!

    Introducing, MS 7

    now with 'Liquid' interface, a revolutionary new file system, and a wealth of new applications to set productivity rocketing!
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    Vista is going to be the next Windows ME. It has all of the signs....rather slow adoption rate, a bunch of bloat, and if this 3 year thing is correct, relatively short time period until the next release. I think there was right around a year between ME and XP's release. ME didn't stick around for long, Vista won't either.
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    I'm neutral towards Windows, but I can see how much a failure Vista is and can imagine their new system out sooner rather than later (unlike XP). I just hope they learn from their faults. Forcing gamers to upgrade to Vista, even when certain games aren't DirectX 10 (Halo 2) is just pathetic and I'm sure it's grounds for another anti-trust lawsuit.

    Is this Vienna? I'm sure I heard about that a while ago. That it'll be a huge leap, revolutionary rather than evolutionary.
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    I wouldn't call vista a failure -- I'm sure it will sell more copies than Leopard (yeah I know that's a cheap shot, maybe I should say forced upon instead of sell) -- but like everyone else has said, not too popular at the moment.

    I personally don't think Windows can copy anything else from Apple -- they've copied everything they can already. This next version might actually be "revolutionary" as raggedjimmi says.
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    I'm sure it'll incorporate a feature called "Time Capsule". This revolutionary backup application will allow you to go back in time and retrieve deleted items. The entire process will be animated, a spade will dig up the soil for you to retrieve the time capsule, allowing you to rifle through its contents. :rolleyes:
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    Why have a spade do the work when they've already got a perfectly capable dog?
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    They've had that since XP. It's just that no one knows about it or how to use it.
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    Wow, I never knew that. Goes to show my knowledge of XP. As for that pooch, he doesn't look like he could find his way out of a paper bag much less locate a time capsule. :D
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    I don't think it's as easy as that. I haven't dealt much with XP's auto backups, but I'm sure it doesn't work like Time Machine. You can take your computer back to a certain date (documents included, IIRC) but you can't just fly through picking out files as you please. Select a date, press okay, let it do all it's jiggery pokery, restart and you're back on.
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    MS just need to keep the OS's rolling out. Vista took far too long, and I'd imagine they took a lot of heat from the OEM's because of it.

    No, Vista isn't doing as well as MS had hoped, but as has been said already it's now the default install on the majority of new computers being sold and gradually that will have an impact.
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    "Time Machine" will definitely be easier to use, and the "jiggery pokery" :) will be a godsend for many -- but the basic idea has been around forever, and roughly played with in XP--like I said, no one knows about it or how to use it because it is a pain in the a·· to use. There are so many 3rd party file recovery programs out there, that if it's that important to you you'd already have something like it installed. I haven't used Vista at all, but I thought they were suppose to have incorporated something easier to use?:confused:
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    The next upgrade to Windows will be Window Vista 2: The Version With the Features We Envisioned and Promised Our Customers, But Couldn't Deliver On Time, and So We Released Vista With Half the Features We Wanted To Include With It, and Some Of The Features We Did Include Don't Work Very Well, But We're Hoping To Fix That!" Professional Edition.

    And besides, 3 years isn't a short wait for a new OS. They took more time than they normally did when going from XP to Vista. They usually update on a 2-3 year cycle, while Apple is doing it more often. I hope they release something good. :)
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    I was under the impression that it only kept a backup of system files.
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    Microsoft New Operating System in 3 years

    Ya, I will believe it when they release it.......

 2012. :cool: :D

    It's beautiful! :apple:
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    yeah... okay...
    i'll believe it when i see it.
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    Vista (to me) is both a failure and a MAJOR disappointment! After waiting all X amount of years for a operating system that is both hard to use, and to upgrade it, you need a lot of guts in your computer. I would consider it a failure because of the fact that nobody wants it, they are all forced upon upgrading it (when buying new computers...) so at that point you have 3 options

    1. the "Switch" to MAC
    2. Tough Vista Out.
    3. Buy the copy of XP and downgrade it.

    as raggedjimmi pointed out, there are certain games Vista can't handle, which to the high-end-gamer is a big let down.
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    quite amusingly it's scheduled release was 2009 earlier this year.

    and it's all about microsoft keeping tabs on what you're doing:

    it's also meant to be the first consumer version of windows to ship only x64, do away with the start menu/task bar approach, and talk with your dirty underwear.

    however, these features are likely to be dropped from the initial ship and included in SP2, due to promising more than they can deliver.
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    It's amazing how out of synch Bill Gates is with how the world is reacting to new technology. Everything he's saying sounds like an envisioned future of the early 90's! I guess there's a good reason why he isn't CEO of Microsoft anymore... and why it's good time for him to be spending more of his time doing other things. The above quote makes it quite apparent he isn't a visionary (and probably never was).

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    hes always been a very good businessman, which is why Windows is where it is now.
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    Microsoft didn't sign agreements with most of the official Linux flavors for no reason.
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    Yes he is.

    Also, his vision of having every personal computer in the world running his OS has pretty much been true.

    SJ's vision was to have the best operating system in the world.

    Both have succeeded in their visions.

    As for Vista, I am non-plussed by it. Our office just purchased a new Sony laptop with Vista installed. It's so slow. I am currently in the process of putting XP on it. So much faster.
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    That's not a vision. It's a business forecast. ;)


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