Microsoft offers Office workaround

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Couldn't MS have just written a quick Applescript to accomplish this same thing ?
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    Does make me chuckle. This from the largest software vendor on the planet. :rolleyes:
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    Or how about a shell script?
    sudo chown -h -R root:admin /Applications/Microsoft\ Office\ 2008
    sudo chown -h -R root:admin /Library/Automator
    sudo chown -h -R root:admin /Library/Fonts/Microsoft
    sudo chown -h -R root:admin /Library/Application Support/Microsoft
    They could have done the same thing with the executable problem by making everything not executable and then going back and fixing the few items that need to be executable.

    How long would that have taken them? A half hour, if they milked it?
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    With a team of 19 people and endless meetings it would probably take them....a couple of weeks if they moved..... quickly. ;)

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