Microsoft OneNote Arrives on iPad

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Microsoft's Office team introduced an iPhone version of OneNote to-do/notes application earlier this year, and has now followed it up with an iPad edition.

    New for the latest edition of OneNote is a limit on how many notes can be created in the free edition. Now, up to 500 notes is free for all users, but to unlock unlimited functionality is unlocked via in-app purchase, $4.99 on the iPhone and $14.99 on the iPad.

    OneNote is free on the App store for the iPad [Direct Link] or the iPhone [Direct Link].

    Article Link: Microsoft OneNote Arrives on iPad
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    Hehe, wow! In my opinion, OneNote is probably one of the best Office Applications out there, particularly for students. I can see that being a pretty big hit if Microsoft have done a good job =]
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    The heck with the iPad app. I want the desktop app so I can take some badass law school notes in something better than Word.
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    Amazing Iceman

    Interesting... It kind of confirms Microsoft's interest to bring their office suite to iOS. Only time will tell...


    Is there anything comparable to it in iOS? Well, the OneNote advantage is also having a Windows version of it.
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    What's the big advantage of something like this over, say, OmniFocus, 2Do, or any of the full-featured ToDo/Note-taking apps for iOS already that sync with the cloud? There are some substantial ones for iOS, especially for the iPad.
  6. Jayomat, Dec 12, 2011
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    do you even know what OneNote is and what it does? they are made for entirely different tasks ..
  7. ekdor, Dec 12, 2011
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    Another M$ app to avoid.
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    Excellent. Now bring it to OS X please.
  10. *LTD*, Dec 12, 2011
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    It looks like Evernote with some collab features.

    Tell me why it's a big deal. Who knows, I might just buy it.
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    Can you create notebooks in this app? I can't figure out how to do it.
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    Can't add new notebook!


    Looks like you can't add new notebooks on the iPad and can only do this from within Skydrive online or OneNote for PC. This seems exceptionally stupid if you can't do something as simple as this.

    A pity as, although I've enjoyed using Evernote on the iPad, I'm not permitted to add the application to my desktop at work (or OneNote for that ), but I can access Skydrive online.

    Unless they add this basic function this is a FAIL from me.
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    amen to that. It was my staple app in high school but once i switched to os x in university i missed it a lot.
  14. Jayomat, Dec 12, 2011
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    First and foremost it's a free-form note-taking application, not a Task-Manager, which is a huge difference. This alone makes the comparison to OmniFocus invalid, as OmniFocus is a full-blown Task-Manager, not a Note-Taking-Tool. 2Do is basically an application to manage arrays of text input (a list with strings). Of course it adds functionality like marking things as done etc., but at it's core it's just a fancy list.

    As I stated in the first sentence, OneNote is a free-form note-taking app. That means that the program logic does not force you to use predetermined spaces (Views) to input data. Consequently you can just click anywhere on your "page" and start typing stuff. But not only that, as you can also cut, copy and paste from nearly anywhere and put it into your page as well. You could, for example, enter some text and press a button inside OneNote which lets you cut and paste anything thats visible on the screen. It's kinda hard to explain without going further into details, but OneNote is basically the nearest you can get to a piece of paper which you can obviously use to write down anything you want, anywhere you want (which is huge in order to arrange text, pictures etc. the way YOU want).

    Besides Excel, OneNote is the best application Microsoft has ever written, and that's not because it's very complex, but it works flawlessly and very straight forward. Especially if you have a tablet-Pc, you'll LOVE OneNote!:cool:

    If they didn't implemented the "free-form" aspect of the desktop app, I don't see "any" benefits besides Windows support though:rolleyes:
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    And how many millions of free-form note-taking apps already exist for iPad? Just asking, mind you...:rolleyes:
  16. *LTD*, Dec 12, 2011
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    Mental Note, PaperDesk, Organizer HD, Notability, Penultimate, Awesome Note HD, etc. There are too many to mention. I own some of them.

    I'm sure OneNote will be near the top of the heap with those features, but it will certainly not be without some stiff competition. However, I'm quite interested to see what it will bring to the table. It's already on the App Store, too. Nice to see it's a free download with the option to upgrade in-app.
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    I WAS the one

    Awesome Notes has been part of my iPad life for so long that I don't need nothing more. it looks good, it sync, it let you make To Do Lists, and also include a Diary version note feature just for free... so... to hell with others LONG LIVE AWESOME NOTES!!! ;)
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    Amazing Iceman

    I have several note taking apps, many of these I have removed from my iPad. I haven't tried Awesome Note HD yet, I'll take a look.

    I still haven't found the perfect note taking app.
    IMO, it should use PDF as its native file format.
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    Cool, but bring one out for OSX users Microsoft! I bought Office 2011 but it doesn't have one note!
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    I don't understand why more developers don't make universal iOS apps, having a single app for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. Especially if it's free. Does anyone know why this might be?
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    I'd be happy if the Notes app that comes with iOS would work properly, but lately it has been overwriting updated notes with old versions when I sync. I tried a couple of other apps but all have serious limitations.
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    Total Letdown

    I've been waiting for this app since I switched to Mac a while back. This is a disgrace in terms of apps. Magicalpad does what Onenote should have been doing all along. MS blew it on this version. Hopefully they will bring it up to speed because there's no reason the iPad version can't do what the desktop version does.
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    I haven't downloaded this to take a look but seeing some of the comments that there is no OS X client at the moment doesn't bode well for this. I use Evernote extensively and there is a client for OS X, iPad and iPhone so is there any compelling reason for me to try OneNote. Wouldn't mind giving it a go but there's gotta be some upside before I take the plunge. :confused:
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    as much as an Apple fan I am, Microsoft makes some quality stuff. Windows 7 is actually pretty nice and I use it every now and then. Xbox 360 kinect is pretty interesting, and no one makes better productivity software than Microsoft right now.
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    Your question is valid, and one I wonder about also, but for this app specifically, it's more of a "freemium" app as there's a $15 in app purchase required if you use more than a certain amount.

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