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Microsoft prepares 'iPod killer' for Europe

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Dippo, Mar 17, 2004.

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    If I had a dollar for everytime someone calls a new MP3 player an iPod Killer...

    Microsoft prepares 'iPod killer' for Europe

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    i too am SICK of 'iPod' killer... and at 700-800 bucks, this is NOT it. i am also SO sick of people who praise these all in one devices as the iPod killer... pardon me, but i love my iPod cause it's an MP3 player... if i wanted all that other crap i would buy a miniPC or something... gimme a break
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    For Kicks:

    Creative 11.5 ounces
    iPod 20G 5.6 ounces
    iPod Mini 3.6 ounces

    The article also said that the Portable Media Player was 3 times as think as the iPod. Sounds like a brick to me :)

    EDIT: (add image)

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    When will people realize it's not a ****ing iPod killer if it's not targetted at the same goddamn market!!!
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    I've Played With it.

    I've played with this Creative Media Player. CES 2004 Las Vegas

    It's pretty cool. I'm not sure what's going on on the back of this player, but it was DEFINITELY not 3 times as thick as an iPod (atleast not my 40gig 3G) But there is something different about the one in the images. It has something on the back, that was not there at CES.

    The one I played with was a prototype, and didn't yet have it's interface for PC connectivity yet. The person at creative that was demoing it for me said they hadn't decided whether they were going to use Firewire or USB 2.0, or both. So perhaps that's what's in the rear.

    The picture on the display was great quality, and I was quite impressed. He stated that it was Targetted for $500USD In which case it might have posed threat as the 4G iPod Killer (or atleast beat the ipod to the punch, assuming the rumors are true) But for the extra few hundred dollars, I don't think it will hit its mark.

    If this unit was available at the same time as my 3G ipod I definetly would have gone for it. It may not be as stylish, and it may not carry the apple name, and may not work seamlessly with itunes, but it does have a ton of features even as an MP3 player that the ipod lacks (IMO)

    Main thing I wish my ipod had was a video out, not for watching movies, mpegs, mov's or looking at digital photos. I only want it to display a basic menu to navigate MP3s on the screen in my car. It's a real hazard to try and navigate while looking at the little screen of the ipod, and a simple Video interface would be awesome.

    The Creative has that, and it looks great at a small resolution. It will be interesting to see how the consumer level model actually works out, and ends up. Also the one I played with had a battery life equivalent to that of the ipod, and that's with video on a color screen! (that of course was the claim of the creative rep)

    BTW, it sounded like crap playing through creative travelsounds :)

    Sorry for the long wind!
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    Microsoft once again is making the mistake that people want to buy a $3000 Tivo (remember Media Center PCs?)

    They might as well stick a camera and a wireless 802.11b connection on the thing. Also, the full blown PocketPC OS might help too.

    The thing already costs more than any PocketPC and notebooks could be had for cheaper too.

    Of course I would never buy it just because I am not going to reencode all of my Xvid videos to the MS crap codec!
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    It may be a nice idea, but there's no way your gonna carry one of those around in your pocket :rolleyes:
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    Cargo pants? :D

    Anyway, I'm not going to guarantee that a 700-800 dollar 'bulky' media player will fail, I'm just saying that it won't steal too much business from the iPod, and is therefore NOT an 'iPod Killer'

    I just don't understand the obsession of terming all new portable media devices after the iPod's success. Guess that just means that everyone is lusting after the iPod. I guess that counts as good news.
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    question fear

    i doubt microsoft will do well if they are launching it in europe right after the anti-monopoly ruling. they've really been stung by it, the EU wont back down or compromise, and the bulk of the EU argument centers around windows media being anti-competitive. It just seems like ill-conceived timing to release a media device in a market that had already turned on them.
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    this thing is gigantic...

    as a poster said earlier, this thing is targetting a completely different market. (a market that doesn't really exist, imo.) it's like saying Xbox with a screen attachment is a GameBoy killer.
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    Awww... cmon.

    give the guy a break. How is a no-talent journalist supposed to earn a living? Reporting accurate stories when hawking a Microsoft product gets him a free license to Windows and maybe a few bucks in his pocket? ;)
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    Piece of crap if you ask me. That's my professional technical assessment. :cool:
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    encouraging piracy again

    yet another product that looks to make money off of piracy. if you think about it, the dmca tells us that downloading movies and tv is wrong. and ripping the dvds that you own is wrong. well what the hell do they expect people to use an $800 movie viewer for? i am sure that they will have 'protection' against people playing illegal content on it. as sure as i am that it will take about a day for a german hacker to put the update to play anything on the net.

    it is like the ipod commercials with the don't steal music tag at the bottom. right, because everyone has 7500 songs that they own the rights to. apple and microsoft are no better than the people that started kazaa and defended the technology because it wasn't meant for piracy. yeah, that was just an unfortunate side effect. sure.

    and hey, the people behind bit torrent only mean it for sharing linuxiso's and freeware.

    and the cable company that talks about how you can download music and video so fast really means only the free and legal music and video.

    and dvdxcopy is for copying dvds of your home movies that you make on your computer.

    etc etc etc

    now i guess i will go download mp3's from pjshapiro.com. all legal like.
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    <sarcastic applause for Microsoft>
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    That creative thing looks interesting.

    Can't justify spending so much for an mp3 player, but if the device has tv-out and such and can play videos, I might just be able to.
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    I agree this wholeheartly is a bad idea.

    Way to heavy, way too thick.

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