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Microsoft SUED over BAD PHONE business practice

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by chewbaccapits, Dec 23, 2002.

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    Just another example of M$ stealing other people's ideas...it'll probably all end up with M$ giving the cellphone makers a few million $$ and proceding to monopolize the mobile phone industry...;)
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    Same thing they did to Novell..

    ... stole their NFP code and made it into Windows for Workgroups to steal their customers while pretending to be interested in a merger. Unquestionably a rip-off, blatantly unfair, ethically indefensible.

    Someday we will rub the feces of their own behavior in Gates' and Ballmer's faces. Until then, we must bide our time.
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    Seeing as Apple and NeXT are 1 company, why don't apple start a class action law suit against microsoft with ALL companies they've ever plagiarised ideas from ?

    I'm sure IBM, Apple, Novell and Sun would have enough captial and enough 'prior art' to make it work. They'd all get a cut of windows sales and a massive compensation payout for lost earnings :D

    Of course we don't live in fair world and this could never happen but it would be cool if it did. I can't see microsoft lying and threatening their way through so many lawsuits without them ending up seriously out of pocket to the sum of billions in damages eventually.
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    something tells me that even such a huge class action suit would still leave MS on top ;)

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