Microsoft Surface RT tablet finally priced

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by pgiguere1, Oct 16, 2012.

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    $499 without the touch cover keyboard
    $599 with the touch cover keyboard

    The touch keyboard is sold separately for $119.99 and the type cover will be $129.99.

    Those prices will get you the RT version with an ARM processor (Tegra 3), 32GB of flash storage, 1366x768 display, 31.5 Wh battery and Windows RT. Still no word on the Pro version.

    This is more pricy than I expected. What do you think? Does running Windows RT justify the high price?
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    Its more money then I'm willing to pay - but that's jus me.
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    Too expensive for an impulse buy for me. (assuming straight cost conversion of $499 = £310 + 20% VAT equalling £372 - I wouldn't be surprised if it hit around £400 here)

    I'll stick with the Nexus 7/iPad combo for now until I see how well the application situation improves and to see if we get any discounts.
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    Kinda expensive, 400-450 euros is way too much. I will keep an eye on it, but I'm not up to spend those money for a Surface.
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    too expensive

    Microsoft fails yet again
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    Yeah, it is $100 more than I expected, but I will still get one considering this is 32GB and it comes with the Office. And now I wonder how much the Pro will cost?
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    It wont be 400-450 euro.

    It will be
    €499 32GB without Keyboard €599 32GB with keyboard
    €599 64GB without Keyboard €699 64GB with keyboard

    €499 compared to €599 for the iPad 3 without keyboard is as expected, and I think a lot of people will be lured to a Windows RT device, thinking they are getting a full computer as opposed to a tablet, as RT & Windows 8 are superficially too similar.

    You expect some limitations on Android & iOS tablets. They clearly look different to desktop / laptop computers so your expectations on what they can do is different.

    With these windows RT surface tablets with keyboards looking for all intents and purposes as proper computers - I think there are going to be quite a few disgruntled consumers who buy one thinking they are getting the full windows computer experience in a tablet. How will they react when they realise they are no more 'computers' than any other tablet device, and actually the content on the Windows App store at the moment is very much trailing Android and IOS by quite a large margin.

    Despite those concerns, I actually love the design of the product, and think it looks very classy. Maybe aesthetics will outdo its weaker areas for consumers.


    We already know from Microsoft "the price of a good ultrabook".

    My guess

    $899 without Keyboard & i5, 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD
    $999 without Keyboard & i5, 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD

    +$100 for any with a keyboard bundle.
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    Surface is dead on arrival with this $499 pricing.

    Hasn't Microsoft learned from their Android competitors? To "compete" with the market tablet leader, you must under cut the prices.
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    Just curious how many people use office outside of work? I wonder if that will be a big selling point? Or maybe they should have offered a cheaper model without office or the touch cover?
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    These RT MSFT tablets aren't compatbility with real windows programs. I really do not understand the executives at Microsoft.

    Do they really believe if people see a 16GB retina iPad that has hundreds of thousands of apps vs. Microsoft Surface lower resolutin tablet 32GB for same $499 price.

    Who's going to buy the Surface? Early adopters. That's all. Same idiots who purchased the Motorola Xoom when it first launced in early 2011.
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    Already pre-ordered mine, can't wait to sell for some extra $$$.
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    Small consumer market is what they're after, they'll be targetting the Surface at Enterprise, theres more money for MSFT in Enterprise than consumer tablets, the PC OEMs will be doing those.

    They believe business will see this as an easy way to directly integrate the Surface into their Windows based networks. And it comes with office, with over 1.25 Billion users, the world runs on office.

    I"ll be adopting the Surface Pro as soon as it comes out, because lets be honest. The RT might not be better than an iPad, but the Surface pro is in another leauge.
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    You really think that demand will be so high that you'll be able to turn around and resell for a profit?

    So far from what I've seen here and elsewhere is the price is very high and a number of people are dismayed at it. I'm not talking about just apple sites but other tech sites.
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    At $399 for the entry level option I would have taken a chance on it myself. At $499+ I need to get my hands on one for a while and see how the ecosystem develops.

    Unfortunately for MS, there is far more chance of an iPad mini under our xmas tree than a Surface this year. Given that our two iPads are almost constantly in use, adding one more to the mix that can run all of our existing apps would be a no-brainer.

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    I thought I was going to be between the horns of a dilemma with the surface tablet and the iPad mini coming out, but at this price point and (I'm really hoping) the mini is not going to be priced near the regular iPad, the decision is that much easier.

    I was going to forgo the RT version and get the x86 version of the tablet but seeing how this is so expensive I can't imagine what MS is going to charge for that.
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    Just remember RIM wanted their Playbook to be marketed enterprise also. We all know how that went, especially with their unfinished software.

    Yes, Surface Pro may have a chance. But if it's too high of a price (more than $900), it will be a very hard sell even for businesses.

    But $499 Surface....not a chance agains the $499 iPad. Now with ipad mini just announced, it's more than DOA at $499 pricing.
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    They did but I think its a mistake to compare RIM's inability to market their tablet to the enterprise segment and Microsoft. In a sense RIM has a toe-hold in the enterprise marketplace where as Microsoft has a whole body. I don't know if they'll be successful in marketing this in the enterprise but if anyone can, it will be MS.
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    I'd love for this thing to do well and all, but that keyboard cover is going to be ass to type on.
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    1: They playbook had ****** integration, and as you pointed out was unfinished. This isn't the same thing.

    It would put it on par with ultra books, and it has basicly the same hardware, so that wouldn't kill it.

    The majorty of large business's will want a surface over an iPad.
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    Me too, but one lesson that most android tablets learned (the hard way) is that you cannot price it at the same point as apple does. I'm not totally sure why but all the tablets that were priced near the iPad failed, where as the Nexus and the kindle fire are doing quite well.
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    The majority of large businesses will want laptops over the Surface.
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    OK so on Microsoft's surface site they offer the 32 and 64 GB models with black touch cover. Then they also offer the touch cover as a stand alone purchase in different colors at $120 and the type cover at $130. So does that mean if you want a touch cover in a color other than black it will cost you $20 more for the 32GB model and $120 more for the 64GB model (since they don't offer a 64GB model without the touch cover). That sucks.
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    Fair enough, but you don't need the 64GB really.

    Microsoft trusts people to manage their own media and provides a microSDXC slot, so unlimited storage.

    Or if that is not enough, plug in a USB pen or a 2 TB portable hard disk.

    The 64GB is a bit stupid really.
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