Microsoft to Apple: The mobile marketplace war is just begin...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Yes, the mobile marketplace is in its infancy FOR Apple but it should not be for windows mobile that has been around for 10 years. M$ has done nothing with its platform and their luck of foresight has forced them to react instead of coming up new innovative ideas.
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    No, Microsoft. You're years late to the party and you're bringing nothing innovative to it. It's a little late to bellowing and pounding your chest about competition now, but it is typical M$ behavior -- move in only when a market segment has been established and made profitable by other players.

    Let's face it. It took Apple a short period of time to do what you couldn't do in a decade. How are those shareholders feeling now, Redmond? I'm becoming convinced that Microsoft is run by baboons.
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    Actually it's just one big gorilla :

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    Apple to Microsoft: And you're already in danger of being left behind…
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    "...just beginning?"

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    Blue Fox

    lol. Didn't Microsoft say a similar thing to Apple about how their Zune Marketpace and Zune player was going to be a significant competitor to iTunes and iPod? Yeah, Microsoft is in no place to be making threats.
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    Apple to Microsoft: O RLY?
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    LOL - to the EXTREME... :eek:

    (you, sir, have made my day... :D)
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    Wow most of you seem to have read just the headline. There's no quote from MS saying that, it was just the headline to get your attention. And also the article contains criticism of Apple from a developer. Did you read that bit?
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    Did you read the article or do you have trouble reading?
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    The whole article is about that. Did you honestly just read the headline? Read throughly the whole thing.
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    Uh-Oh! MS is setting their purse down and putting on their "big gurl underpants" must be time for "the I'm a Mac and YOU wish you were" campaign...:p:p:p
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    Nokia to both: Who are you? ;)
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    Apple to Nokia: What's a "Cellphone"??? :eek:

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    The article is about MS strategy and how the mobile market is still in its infancy, there is no declaration of war. Can the fanboys please give it a rest?
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    "Anyone (who) thinks that Apple is going to run this thing, they are sorely mistaken," said Hegenderfer. "And I am not talking from like a pompous point of view. We are so early in this industry ... we are barely scratching the tip of the iceberg. And this is exciting.... It is like a wild west land rush, there is gold in them there hills."

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    Yeah I read that. Thats not by any stretch of the imagination, a declaration of war.

    Oh and
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    ^I disagree. Seems like it is to me.

    A hollow threat though because MS is not creative nor innovative.
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    And Apple's dominating it.
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    Really? Explain why with specific reference to OS and server application development.

    Or alternatively you could stop parroting nonsense.
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    Not true
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    Windows NT was originally coded by developers from DEC. How is that Microsoft being innovative? Most of the Windows server architecture is based on VMS.
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    OSX is based on BSD, how is that Apple being innvovative? iTunes was bought from another company, iPods are based on a smaller company's player. The list goes on.

    Apple take someone else's product and give it a shiny coat of paint and their fans adore them for it.
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    Where did I claim Apple were innovative?

    What Apple do (and they do it very well) is they match excellent design, both physical and software, with real ease of use and with features that are actually helpful rather than just bloat to put on your marketing information.

    Microsoft have not got the picture, BSD based UNIX distributions such as FreeBSD and OpenBSD are no where near as easy to use and are primarily targeted at a more technical audience and Linux is a fragmented and frankly awful conglomerate of poorly meshing together packages.

    Apple and possibly Sun are the only companies which have realised that people don't care about what the technology is underneath as long as it works, looks good and is intuitive.

    In that regard Apple is most likely the most innovative technology company ever. No other company or open source movement has got anywhere near to what Apple can offer.

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