Microsoft Updates Office 2004 for the Mac

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 11, 2006.

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    Link: Microsoft Updates Office 2004 for the Mac
    Description:: Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.6 Update

    This update fixes vulnerabilities in Office 2004 that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code.

    Applies to: Office 2004 Standard Edition, Office 2004 Student and Teacher Edition, Office 2004 Professional Edition, Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac, Microsoft Excel 2004 for Mac, Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 for Mac, Microsoft Entourage 2004 for Mac.

    Released: August 8, 2006

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    I thought we were supposed to have a universal version of office by now...

    Andrew Beard
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    If the Microsoft MBU is on target, then Office 2007 should be universal.
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    Anyone know when Messenger 6.0 and Office 2007 are comeing out for mac?
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    I wouldn't hold your breath on them doing much with Messenger.

    They have scrapped Explorer and Media Player. Totally.

    As for Messenger, they have recently made a deal with Yahoo! - where MSN Live for Windows/Messenger for Mac and Yahoo! Messenger (Mac and Windows) - can talk to each other. ie: I, on an address, can add contacts, in Messenger.

    With Yahoo! having just released a brilliant new IM program for Mac, with the ability to add Hotmail contacts - I doubt Microsoft are in a hurry to release a new Messenger app for Mac.. if at all. (Not that they're usually bothered)
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    Messenger 6.0 is actually coming out very soon - it'll be the first Microsoft UB program, and will debut this year.

    EDIT : Links

    CNET Pictures of Mac Messenger 6.0 :
    MacObserver Article :
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    Cool if it is - eventhough I'm now an Adium boy, through and through. :)

    Linky to back this up?

    Its good, but I wouldn't bet on it happening. Look how slow other releases have been, and they aren't even for Microsofts primary operating system - they can't even get their own OS out on time. So us as a secondary OS don't really have much hope, do we!

    I would love it to come out and be proved wrong, but I can't see M$ sticking to what they say. Imagine that!

    Edit: Just found links, dude. So, we have Yahoo support, Corporate and Personal contacts are now in seperate windows and not tabs, 'What I'm Listening to' and Personal Messages. Oh, and a little Windows Live logo next to our user name. Thats the big update? Right.. well done Micro!
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    Yep, Messenger 6.0 due out later this year, MS' first Universal application. As for whether or not it will give anything close to feature parity with Live Messenger I can very safely say "pigs might fly."

    Office:mac 2007 will hopefully be out sometime next year although going from the MacBU's statement at WWDC it will probably be out later than it's Windows counterpart. In the meantime Office:mac 2004 users will be given access to converters to ensure that documents made using Office 2007's new document format can be displayed and used in Office:mac 2004.
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    Read above buddy, We are to be dazzled with a slur of new features. :D:rolleyes:
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    Got a linky dink dink? Post it mate, I wanna see the train wreck!
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    Better still, I have screenshots, and guess what.. it looks, the same!

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    Messenger 6.0 released!!

    3....2....1.....come on little fishies....
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    It's not really out chundo. :mad:

    I know this topic is for office, bus will 6.0 have video/audio!?!

    EDIT: Can someone explain to me how to use my passport account (G-Mail) with Yahoo! ( I use G-mail with MSN, so I imagein it would work)

    WHAT BS! All macs have built in cameras, and we can't even use them for Hotmail/G-Mail.

    Thanks, and sorry for hijacking this thread.
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    In a word. No.

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    It would be nice if Office was universal by now, but in all fairness, it is not like M$ Word is that demanding of an app that you can not use it properly via Rosetta. :)
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    I know, you see that bit in the quote section? I wrote that. :D :D
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    - Sign into Messenger with your Passport (in your case, GMail) and add Yahoo! contacts.


    - Sign into Yahoo! IM with your Y! Screename, and add MSN contacts.
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    Well, my e-mail is "WYendrys(at)G-Mail(dot)Com" and I wanna know if I can sign into Yahoo Messenger with that e-mail, and have all the contacts that are already with that e-mail?

    I tryed signing in with g-mail, but it did not work.

    I don't think what I'm asking for is possible

    (Sorry again)
  19. Moe
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    Now that Intel Macs can run Boot Camp, Microsoft has decided to discontinue further development of MS Office for the Mac, requiring Mac owners to buy copies of both Windows AND MSOffice. This follows discontinuation of support for other Macintosh products, including Internet Explorer, Media Player, and Virtual PC. It is also expected no further upgrades will be available for Remote Desktop Client, also currently a PPC application.
    No... it isn't quite that bad yet, but it's coming. Note that while on one hand, Microsoft tried to temper their termination of support for Media Player, by supporting development of Flip4Mac, they still do their best to limit the functionality of other than all-Microsoft solutions. Note the result of an attempt to view video on their MSNBC website with Safari and Flip4Mac. Even Windows users who only use Firefox and/or have chosen to use Media Player Classic in lieu of Media Player 10 get this. And not just on Microsoft sites...

    While some of us (myself included) MUST have MSOffice for that last bit of compatibility sometimes, I encourage all new Mac purchasers to include iWorks in their order to show some demand to Apple and further encourage its development. I also recommend they try NeoOffice and OpenOffice before purchasing Microsoft's outdated PPC product.
  20. hob
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    Ok 3 points...
    1. The updater talks about fixing a hole where malicious code could overwrite your memory?! Are they serious? Would the first virus for Mac be spread by a Microsoft product?? Sounds about right...
    2. Yahoo messenger is far superior to MSN messenger, it's like a cross between MSN and iChat. Unfortunately Y! and MSN both suffer from poor Video conferencing, compared to iChat.
      However, I'm going to try to use Y! to talk to all my MSN buddies...
    3. I can't believe Microsoft have the audacity to give this "new" UB of MSN a .0 release! It's what messenger 5 should've been, minus the video!
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    didn't know about messenger 6.0. at least it's coming soon..

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