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Microsoft Wins Homeland Security Contract

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by chewbaccapits, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Today's word is OXYMORON...

    "Under the contract, Microsoft will supply desktop and server software to the newly created department, which has merged parts of 22 different agencies into one entity.
    The agreement delivers licensing coverage for about 140,000 desktops and will help the department to establish a common computing environment, Homeland Security said in a statement.
    Dell Marketing LP. was selected as the reseller, to provide the day-to-day management of the enterprise agreement, it said."

    And is it me or does it seem ironic that the same govt that spanks MS in the booty is the same to give them this contract?
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    Microsoft and Security in the same breath. Hmm. Now my Microsoft stock should go up. Provided they don't get sued for lack of security features in their software.
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    Maybe Microsoft misplaced a comma in the number of patches they release every year following a 'new and improved' product.
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    There goes the Network Neighborhood.

    "United States of America - World's most Hackable Government"

    I know this is nothing new, after all the U.S. Goverment is MS's largest single customer - has been for quite some time.

    Well, at least in light of this article, I hope they'll be watched by we citizens a little more. And any Wintel issues will be broadcast louder - should they leak.
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    I feel safer already.
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    :Welcome to Win *crash* YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED:

    :Damnit! Not Again!:

    You want terrorists to get hold of your data, use windows.


    edit: what the hell I put 'DISABLE SMILIES IN THIS POST' clicked on and yet it says Smiley-amnit instead of damnit.


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