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Microsoft Wireless for Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by poisonmonkey, Jan 30, 2004.

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    If anyone was thinking about going bluetooth, I have a simple review for you.


    Works out of the box. The Left/Right Buttons anyways... the other buttons you can only assign to exposé. It has a nice feel to it...

    Problems: Bad for small hands
    Gaming: It can keep up good enough...


    Has the traditional deep feel. Which many people like... I don't. I prefer the "scisssor Keys" on my PB.

    Problems: If you have a disconnection, it is a extremely trouble some experience to re-pair everything. The media keys don't work.

    Overall, there is no software for the mouse/keyboard so everything will work OEM style. You cannot use these to wake up you system from sleep the option is greyed out.

    If Drivers ever come out for these it would no doubtably be a good combo... but till then.. it is just so-so.
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    Does your mouse cut out?

    Hello, I have the same mouse, and it keeps losing the connection, mid use. I changed the batteries, and that did not solve the problem. I was just about to head out and by another one to see if it was just a bad mouse, or if maybe I had a problem with the bluetooth internally on my PB. Any responses would be great.
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    The mouse is fine for me... i have no problems...

    Keep your bluetooth "dicoverable" and it should be ok...

    Anyone know how to fix my dilema?
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    same issues here

    it takes a lot to reconnect wireless keyboard when it gets disconnected, in fact, i have found no other way as deleting pairing, pullout kbd battery, and "setup new device". mouse behaves much better, at least it reconnects fine. mouse does lose connection every now and again, even mid-operation, so powersaving is ruled out. keep posting here if you hear something, please.
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    The MS bluetooth mice lose there connection alot. They can take alot of fiddling to restore there connection, i don't know if this is true for other BT mice. One reason could be that you have other devices nearby interfering with the BT devices.
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    Westside guy

    My experience has been that it loses the connection if the mouse is motionless for a minute or so - this is due to power-saving features which can't be disabled (as far as I know). Just moving the mouse again should let it be reaquired, although there's usually a few second delay before it happens.
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    Well, it's good to read about bluetooth mice. I'm in the market for one, and I don't know what I want. The Microsoft one seems to be the only real one that works, other than the Apple one, although I like the Logitech MX900 more, but I've heard that it doesn't work well with OS X.

    I do like the smooth scroll wheels on the new microsoft mice, though...
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    be sure to install the newest bluetooth software apple just came out with, that fixed all my problems with my MS mouse
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    Microsoft Wireless Mouse

    Is the Microsoft Wireless Mouse Bluetooth ??

    Sorry to sound dumb but I was thinking of one but the box in the shop does not say its Bluetooth, and as the info on the Microsoft web site is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I thought it would be best to ask here as I have only just ordered a Mac for the 1st time.
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    Westside guy

    Microsoft has infrared mice and Bluetooth mice. The Bluetooth version is explicitly called "Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth".
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    What doesn't work on the Logitech MX900 bluetooth? Does it cut out a lot or just plan have an incompatibility or something?
    I have the wireless set for my desktop PC, and I simply love that mouse (MX700 for basic wireless, non-bluetooth), best out there IMOO. I have used a lot of different mice, and this one is amazingly smooth, fast, and has a great feel.

    Any info on use of Logitech with OS X would be great, because they kick the pants off M$ easy
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    I had an MX900, but it seemingly lost connection to my AlBook for no reason. I don't have these issues with my new MS BT mouse, it is bar-none the best multibutton BT mouse. The two side buttons are great for expose, makes moving through photoshop while talking on iChat and surfing the net pretty seemless and easy move between programs.

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