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Microsoft Zune team invited to give up iPods

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by Project, May 24, 2007.

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    Surprised that bin isn't bolted to the floor or someone might walk away with the entire setup.
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    Seems like their expecting a LOT of iPods from their employees with a box that large. :p Just looks funny seeing the box that big that empty.

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    I'm confused, MS wants their employees to give up their iPods? It's such a useless measure.
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    Are they giving them Zunes? I don't understand what the incentive is here...
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    ill take those ipods for free
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    Consider it this way. If you run Coca Cola would you want your employees coming into work sipping on Pepsi?

    Thats all this is. A morale boosting/dogfood kind of thing.
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    Yeah, but you wouldn't have a 'Give away hundreds of dollars worth of Pepsi for nothing' box...
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    I would bet that if that is real that the intelligent MS employees just steal those iPods and sell them on eBay.
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    Meh...I'm sure the ones put in are either by the box-makers, possibly by the people who started on the Zune after they had an iPod, and those with broken iPods :)
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    What a joke, I would have taken all of those iPods from the plastic box. Where is this located? :D
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    1 word, 2 syllables: Stu-pid.
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    If I worked there, I'd have to buy a busted iPod off craiglist to dump in there and just keep using my iPod with third-party headphones. Gotta kiss up to management, see? :D
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    Well MS had to give something out at Christmas. :rolleyes:
    They didn't want all their employees walking around with Zunes. :p
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    They sure need it. :) What a great idea.

    I saw this on Engadget a couple days back. I'm surprised someone hasn't tried to steal the iPods yet... :rolleyes:
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    Are you sure this wasn't at some sort of revival meeting of the Mennonite church?
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    It would be hilarious if some employees would exchange their Zunes and take an iPod out of the bin :D
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    My friend in the dorm has a Zune, and he says it's really good. He prefers it over his iPod. It's got a larger screen, built in radio, and who knows what else. He thinks that the wifi will be really kick ass once they get it right, and when it works he loves it. Unfortunately he sent it into MS about 2 months ago and still hasn't gotten it back:rolleyes:
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    that is pretty funny
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    It's pathetic. Microsoft is a much larger company than Apple and, as I'm sure you've all heard, they have some giant share of the operating system market. But why do they feel so threatened by the iPod that they have to do this?

    If I were a MS shareholder (and I'm NOT) I would expect a little more dignity from them. The fact that the tub is nearly empty says it all. And seriously, how many people would like to reach in and take the discarded iPods? I know they're trying to picture the iPod as garbage, but if even one person wants to take them from the bin, then by definition they are not without value.

    I don't hate MS and I have worked for them on a few projects. But this is tacky and pointless and just makes them look like buffoons. Well, this and monkey boy bouncing around on stage.
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    Kudos to the guy who tossed in a rubber iPod-shaped sleeve-case instead of a real iPod :)
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    Looks more like a way for upper management to get free ipods.... so where is this fabled box? ;)
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    Too funny, i expect this from a company tha actually makes a decent player. Say creative.

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