Microsoft's Next Seinfeld Ad Airs: 'New Family'

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Tonight, Microsoft aired the second of a series of new ads featuring Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The long version of the ad (4m 30s) is embedded above via YouTube and a high quality version is available at

    The first installment of the ad campaign showed Bill Gates and Seinfeld at a shoe store. The new installment shows Gates and Seinfeld living with "real people".

    While we don't plan on getting into a habit of posting news stories for every new Microsoft ad, the original ad story generated a remarkable amount of feedback. Future ads may be reported on our Page 2 which is also linked from the left sidebar.

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    And more utter junk.
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    Um.... I just.... don't get it. I will watch them, I guess they are a bit cute? Maybe? but..... (insert scratching head icon thingy here)
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    watching Bill Gates shake his ass sucked. Im still feeling a little uneasy. Seinfeld is a douche
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    These ads are total junk.
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    It was way too long for my tastes... And it made them kind of look like jerks. Staying at someone's house and complaining about the food? Classy.
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    Very clever Microsoft, verrry clever...
  8. arn
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    yeah, this would be much better as a 30 second ad. maybe. I only watched the 4 minute 30 s one.

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    i think they're funny. i find it amusing to see two well-known, accomplished men goof off. sure, it has nothing to do with computers, but it's fun.
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    I just don't get it, it sucks as an ad and in my opinion it is just too long, and this is not Seinfeld material at all, at least Bill didn't shake his ass in this one.
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    way better than the first one!
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    You know what.... I actually kind of enjoyed that. And I get where they're going with this.
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    I'm not going to hate on this ad because it is apparently cool to do so.

    I don't get any sort of "buy windows" vibe, but honestly, I thought it was pretty funny. Seriously, just looking at is as some sort of skit that has nothing to do with Microsoft or Seinfeld. I dunno what I'm trying to say here. It is funny to see two people from such an upper crust interacting like that.
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    Exactly! I had a good laugh at it. Apparently because it isn't an Apple ad people check their sense of humour at the door.

    Yeah, 4mins 30seconds is long, but there is no way the full version would play on tv, it would have to be infomercial.
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    Wow. This could get painful.
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    wow, that was lame
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    i don't like this type of comedy where adults act like dumb kids. it reminds me too much of the stale show friends.
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    wow after seeing that im going to get rid of my iMac and get a Windows PC :rolleyes:
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    This ad was better.
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    The funniest part of the commercial is the fact that if you go to Microsoft's website to watch it, you see it in Flash, not Silverlight.
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    I enjoyed them both. I think they are funny and somewhat goofy in a good way. I like that it's more of a running sitcom than different ads like Apple. Not to say that Apple's ads aren't genius, but these are funny and original! If only Microsoft would spend so much energy on their products and they do on their ads!
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    Makes more sense then the last one. The "Commercial about Nothing" still doesn't make me want to get a PC..... ever
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    I'm sorry. Is this supposed to be funny?
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    4 Freaking Minutes?

    This isn't an ad - it's a MINI SERIES. If M$ can't get their point across in 30's not worth watching.

    This commercial is just like every other product...
    filled with BLOATware

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