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Microsoft's Zune ad leaked...

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by MIDI_EVIL, Aug 17, 2006.

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    iLounge has a backstage story on the UI of the Zune and its wireless abilities (can share songs with friends for up to a day), some things sound cool, others most definitely do not.
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    The laptop looks like a PowerBook without the Apple logo :p.
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    I know, which is ironic!

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    I like the feel of the commercial with all the photos making up the backgrounds. If M$ can make a great media player, more power too them. I'd love for Apple to start competing against someone so their prices will (hopefully) go down.
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    competition won't drive prices down. no way.
    competition will however drive innovation and better products pushed out.
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    Got to say i agree there. More competition = lower prices and more advancements = Good for us
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    that is a long ass commercial. It was okay, it didn't really move me.
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    Well, just watched the ad. Whoopdy-freakin-doo... hey everyone, apparently the "Future of Entertainment" is a hand-held device...:rolleyes:

    Combined with iLounge's report (it's larger than the iPod and made entirely of plastic) I think I can safely say the Zune will capture some of the iPod market but I'm going to give it a "Standing Meh" as I am underwhelmed from current reports. Where's the revolution MS? Where's the innovation?

    Actually, you could ask Apple the same, iPod has been out for five years and it's come down in weight and price (those two are given) and got a colour screen and the ability to show photos and video. To me, that's not a giant leap in terms of how the iPod provides us with entertainment. The nano was good, brought in a change in media and gave us truly portable music in a size that was difficult to believe but the iPod has, in my opinion, stagnated. Granting new media capabilities does not a revolution make. Granted, I live outside the US where we don't have any TV shows on iTunes so my thoughts are coming from outside Apple's home country - but guess what Apple, that's where your biggest growth is going to come from and if you don't give us something Microsoft can (they have their fingers in a lot of pots round the world) you're going to start losing business.

    Both companies need to pull their collective heads out and show us the innovation.
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    Love how they tried to show the hip people. Like saying..."Yo dudes...we are just as hip and cool as an iPod...don't you like our relaxing music and typical Microsoft 'human touch' stylings?"

    What's with the name....Zune. Tune with the T replaced. Why Z...was X not available? XP Xbox Xune Come on if you going to go after Apple with hipness use and X. Z is so final. X is Xtreme. DUDES.
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    Hey if it's better than the ipod i'll get it over the ipod. kinda hope it works with itunes
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    I think it's a really cute video. :)
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    Very nice commercial. At least some parts of the build up. The end was kind of an anticlimax.
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    Well, if they would have showed it close up people would have thought is was a new iPod design. Airport security did. Then they would have had to explain that this is not an iPod, but rather another in a long line of imitations. Really the only difference about the Zune is that it's backed by a company that can wage a battle of $$ and afford to throw billions of dollars into a product so that it can succeed regardless of it's technical superiority.

    I'm not worried that Microsoft will make a better player than the iPod, I'd love to see that happen! My fear is that it won't be superior, but Microsoft will continue to flush money down the Zune toilet until it overtakes the iPod by brute force. A single man is no match for a tank, but if enough people march together they can defeat a tank simply though a masochistic force of numbers.
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    It's a bit to buisnessy and serious. Look at the iPod ads (stuff like the dancer ads and the virtual city ads) in comparison to that. The apple ones are just cool, and iConic (sorry about that). You can take a still from any bit of the iPod ads and everyone who even has a TV should know it's the iPod ads.

    That microsoft nonsense just looked like a buisness movie directed by a wannabe Ridley Scott. Too dull, boring, long and lastly microsoft. Most people think of encarta and office when they see Microsoft. it's just a boring brand name...
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    what a boring advert! I hope for Microsofts sake zune's better than this!
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    The first video I got bored and stopped it halfway through. The second video stops halfway through on its own.

    I think the second one is not a legit ad :rolleyes: however if it is I shall piss myself when it is officially released. The first one I will probably fall asleep when its released.

    Wow moving pictures man, and people that are 'so cool' they are fake. All in all everything is bollox!
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    Count me in - I too will piss on myself if that's an actual ad. He took a picture of the Zune from the internet - made it vibrate - added music and a logo to the end. Microsoft's Entertainment Division is actually pretty good - I really, really enjoyed the XBOX 360 marketing (Jump In).
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    Yeah that is definately a fake. But the original ad I actually enjoyed. A little long but Iliked it a lot
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    Seems alright to me......I'm ready to see this thing in action.

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    I'm sick of ads that act like the minute a product is shown in public, everyone drops everything to stare at it as if its the most amazing thing ever and it will change the world and wonder what they were thinking for ever buying that other product.

    There's only so much arrogance I can put up with in one day...

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