Midi Device Question. (Not for the faint at HEART!!!)

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by theapex, Mar 28, 2008.

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    Ok. This will probably be a piece of cake to some of you all. But we'll see. Cause it's kinda greek to me.

    I have a Tascam 1082 (I'm sure you know what it is) It has 2 sets of midi ports (2 out/2 in).

    I have 3 different midi devices (korg triton, roland vs880, roland jw-50 workstation (using as a midi keyboard).

    I need all these devices to be able to be connected (via Midi ports) to the Tascam. I would like to be able to use the keyboards to trigger midi data in software like Reason or Logic and also be able to start and stop their sequencers using the Tascam and/or Logic.

    what kind of hardware do I need and how do I connect it.

    Thanks for any and all help!!!
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    why do you need them to be connected to the tascam? .. aren't you trying to get to the computer?

    I would recommend getting a big MIDI interface and using that.
    You could just add a small one, but you seem to really be into midi, and a big one would allow you to expand

    Big (motu 8x8)
    Small (m-audio 1x1)
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    if any have midi through ports, you can chain them.
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    I was about to mention that myself, as I remembered my old Triton had a MIDI through port.
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    Daisy Chain the Triton to one of the other two, via it's through connection labelled 'MIDI Thru'.

    You'll then have to program the two daisy-chained keyboards to act on different MIDI channels (1-16) and control them appropriately in Logic (assuming that's what you're using).
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    I like this question the best. So I am going to start with it.

    Right now I have the motu fastlane 2x2 USB midi interface. And I thought I needed them to be connected to the tascam cause I want to control everything from the Tascam. I would like to be able to push play/record/stop etc...and be able to start the Triton's sequencer or the VS880's digital recorder. I want everything to be synced up.

    If I run it through USB straight to be computer, are you saying that I will still be able to control it from the tascam?
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    There is a Midi through port on all the devices. There is also a midi through port on the fastlane 2x2 Midi interface. Well actually it is not a midi through on the fastlane, but a button that makes it midi through. Not sure which port it goes through though.
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    I am sorry, but I don't really understand this comment enough to respond. I don't understand how to daisy chain midi devices. I am somewhat sure that you are talking about through the midi through port though right?
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    Yes, although to be honest, what you've said so far doesn't quite add up.

    TBH you'd be better using the computer for your recording, and also controlling the Synths via MIDI, and using the Tascam as a controller...
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    what parts don't add up? I am using the computer for recording. The Tascam is more than just a controller and that is why I got it over the other available options. And I am trying to use the Tascam as a controller. I just want it to control everything.

    Please don't forget to tell me what doesn't add up.

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    ya, thats really not the best way to go (like killyp said)... you CAN do it that way, but it would best to sequence everything on your computer, and just send midi out signals to your keyboards and have them play...

    if you want to record parts on the computer's sequencer with a keyboard, have the keyboard's midi out go into the computer's in...
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    Basically, as far as sequencing and digital recording goes, Logic should be your 'base', not the sequencer built into the Triton etc. That's all that didn't add up IMO. If you've got a computer there, you might as well use the tools it can run.

    To sync the whole lot up, connect a MIDI cable going from the Tascam to the Triton, and then another MIDI cable going from the 'MIDI Thru' connection on the input on the VS880. Then connect your JW-50 to the other MIDI output of the Tascam, and it should all work fine...
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    Logic is my base. The sequencer built into the Triton, etc... already has completed songs in it that I did a long time ago... I am trying to get the tracks into the computer from out of the triton. I want the triton to start playing when I push play/record on the Tascam or in logic. That way everything will line up and be at the right tempo etc....

    As far as your suggestions, I will try it out and let you know if it works when I hook it up that way. I am sure that there are some settings that I have to change in the triton to make it slave to the Tascam or the computer....

    thanks again for your help today. you all are creating a monster and don't even know it.
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    dear sir,i have roland JW50 key board i removed memory cell from key board, result= i lost original tunes. kindly help me how to overcam this proubilm, or how can i download original tunes from internate. :(
    best regards nadeem
    e-mail nadeem_quetex@yahoo.com
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    JW-50 key board

    dear sir,
    i have roland JW50 key boardi removed memory cell from key board, result= i lost original tunes. kindly help me how to overcam this proubilm, or how can i download original tunes from internate.
    best regards nadeem
    please e-mail nadeem_quetex@yahoo.com :(

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