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MikeRoweSoft.com gets a pretty good deal, especially since ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 24, 2004.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, that a fair sight better than the $10 they initially offered him. He should take the offer if he's smart.

    Have to say, though, they should have at least thrown in a new computer in the deal :D

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    Yahoo article...

    Microsoft initially took a hard line against the Canadian teenager, offering to pay him only $10 for the incidental cost of giving up his site instead of the $10,000 that he had he demanded.

    CNN Article...

    He wrote back asking to be compensated for giving up his name. Microsoft's lawyers offered him $10 in U.S. funds. Then he asked for $10,000.

    1st article spins it like Mike had demanded MS pay him $10,000 and MS counteroffered $10. Second article MS offered $10 and Mike counteroffered $10,000. First one makes him look like a profiteer, the second like someone MS was squashing like a bug, and he tried to fight back. Why can't journalists write it like it is instead of spinning everything. And mixing the order of everything up. Then hiding behind words. I just want the facts is anybody out there that can do that?????
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    My thoughts too. As soon as I saw that word "demanded", I thought "that's a very strong word considering what happened".
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    he should have tried to get them to buy him a mac rather than all that msCrap
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    no deal unless they make the computer an apple.

    keep fighting mike!!!!!!!!
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    Article wrong

    Right, he didn't ask for any money until AFTER M$ offered $10.

    (Why would they do that? What childish silliness. And yes, I consider M$ to be childish in this, and not the... child.)
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    I have to admit, they were pretty generous though.:)
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    Seems both partys have agreed and the news just wants its typical spin on this.

    Hmm pc maybe dont see why it would have to be a Mac sorry guys :( my bad i mean if Ms want to offer MS traning and trips to there hq ..
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    I wouldn't of settled for any frikken deal.

    Boo For him, really.

    Why did Mike settle?

    He has the right for a similar sounding software site...

    I'll make 'microwsoft.com' and then I can get a nice settlement... pfft.
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    I thought this guy was genuinely commenting on Microsoft's policy. His settlement is too bad.
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    i agree. settling for a subscription and an xbox was not a really good deal.

    i, though, do not know how much all that stuff he got, cost.

    i would have settled for stuff that amounted t $ 10 000 :D

    what if i am a writer and i have this site "emesword.com"

    am i entitled to an xbox too?
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    I think that Mike Rowe did very well for himself. It was best to settle. Fighting with such a large corporation would be a no win situation.

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