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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Welshman2oo5, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Well like many many many people, I could not get a pre-order through yesterday so I will be heading out to the Millenia Mall apple store dark and early on the 24th with no reservation.

    I haven't ever done a launch day before. Does anyone thats experienced a launch at this location before have any advice? How early would you recommend getting there? Are we allowed to bring fold up chairs?

    Thanks, and look forward to seeing you all there.
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    I'm going to millenia, I have a reservation, but with all the crazyness I don't know if that guaranties me anything. My reservation was probably lost or something. They don't ask for a credit card or anything.
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    I got a reservation for Millenia, this will be my first launch day (bought the first iPhone a week after launch) so I thought it would be exciting to go to an Apple store for an iPhone launch. If anyone knows or finds out what time the mall will open, what entrances, etc. let us know.
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    I've been working at Millenia for around 2 years..the stores open at 10am Mon-Sat, but people are always allowed in (usually doing morning jogs, or clueless tourists) earlier, my guess is gonna be that the Apple store will open around 7am or 8am, and people will be allowed to wait inside the mall before it opens (who wants to wait in 80+ degrees and 100% humidity for hours anyways?). Security is very friendly. I'm going into work tomorrow (Abercrombie Kids) and I'm gonna stop by the Apple store to ask them about the launch and if I have the chance, I'm going to check with a security guard too.

    Just fyi, the closest entrances for the Apple store are the upstairs side entrances or "employee lots" next to Macy's. Starbucks and Panera are always open 2-3 hours before the stores so you can get your morning caffeine kick.

    Good luck, y'all!
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    Thanks for the information. My reservation says I can pick up my phone at 7 AM so I assume the store is opening then. Still wondering how early I should get there.
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    I'll be there. I was able to reserve one via the Apple Store iPhone App. Unfortunately, my email confirmation says it's going to be $699 for the 32GB even though I qualify for the upgrade price at $299.

    I'm guessing when I reserved, the AT&T system was down so it wasn't able to look up my upgrade eligibility.

    I figure that I'll need my AT&T info to complete the sale at the store (like previous iPhones) and the price will be fixed then.
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    I will be there. Apple pre-order pickup..
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    I have an iPhone 4 on reserve and accoding to both the email and the app store app, this phone will be held for me until the close of business. Therefore I will pick up my iPhone on the way home from work that day.
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    I have a reservation as well, but like everyone says... they are first come first serve. I suppose getting to the mall at 5am should suffice? hah
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    So, I do have a reservation confirmed (but for the FL Mall store) so I'm not worried about *getting one* - I'm just curious though for anyone local who has been to a launch in the past - will the reservations line outweigh the standby line? I don't mind getting there right at 7am if it means only waiting a half hour to get through the reservations line if it could be longer later in the day.

    I'm also pretty impatiently counting down the seconds to get my new phone so I don't think I'll be waiting much later than early morning, hehe, but I'm still interested in hearing what others from around here think from past experience.
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    If you have a reservation you are absolutely guaranteed to get one on the 24th. Just a question of how long the line will be!
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    I'll be there

    Howdy all,

    I did reserve one, but I'm so frigging excited, as this is my first launch event, that I'm going to get up around 5. I'd love to get an idea of who else is coming. It'll be fun to meet.

    I did stop by the store, and they said there will be two lines. They also said that the time the doors open depends on the mall. Probably 6 or 7.

    5 days, 8 hours to go!
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    Ordered for Delivery this time...

    However, I was there for the 3G launch. The line starts forming at the Cheesecake Factory side of the mall. Once they open those doors, then they march you down to the Apple store and have the standard "line-maze" to keep you in place!

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    If only Cheesecake Factory catered this event. :eek:
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    Good luck with that. When I attempted to purchase my 1st gen. iPhone at the Millenia Mall the security wouldn't even let me park my car in the parking lot until 6AM. Seemed very ridiculous to me, so I ended up just going over to the Florida Mall and had no problems.
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    Cool, I was wondering if someone'd started a thread for this store. I'm moving here in a month and am down here now getting house stuff settled so I kind of chose this location by default as it's the closest to where I'm staying. I'm so glad people who actually know this mall posted where to go!

    I'm probably going to get there in the neighborhood of 5-ish am or so. I was even thinking of going earlier on the off chance that a couple of white iPhones might have shown up by then, but I'm wondering now if that might be a waste of time if there won't be mall access that early. Hmm.
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    Same here. The 3G launch was ridiculous. We all had to wait in a parking lot across from the mall and when they let everyone into the mall lot, it was like the running of the bulls. But with cars instead of bulls chasing people. Surprised someone didn't go down.
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    I remember

    Ha I remember that I was there for that launch after the big sprint to the line I got there like 5th. This time though I couldn't get on the apple site so I eneded up going with aT&T having it shipped to my house. Hopefully they will arrive on the 24th.
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    So were they letting people into the mall parking lot starting at 6, then?
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    Unlike the 3G launch 2 years ago, this year they have reservations as well. There will be 2 lines, one for those with a reservation and one for those without.

    I was there 2 years ago for the 3G launch and after waiting 2 hours in line was told I couldn't buy the phone there if I had a company discount on my service, I'd have to either cancel the discount or buy at the AT&T store. I called and cancelled the discount and by the time I got in the store it went through and I had my iPhone.
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    Is there a reason for this? I too have a corporate discount applied to my rate plan. I can't see how it would affect swapping out for a newer version of the same phone if I'm not touching the plan at all.. ?
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    It was a problem previously, however I have a corporate discount (FAN account) on my current phone and I had no issues with the pre-order. I assume they have resolved the issues related to FAN accounts.

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    So is there any point to showing up before 6?

    Has anyone talked to the mall security to see what the procedure is this year?
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    Same here - no issue reserving so I guess that means no surprises on Thursday?
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    HA. I was 3rd in line. My car was faster than those dudes who just ran.

    But my line days are over. Home delivery for both iPad and iPhone 4. Air conditioning.

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