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Mini Displayport to Mini HDMI Cable? Does it exist?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by shenan1982, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Is there such a thing as a cable with a mini displayport (thunderbolt) on one side, and Mini HDMI on the other side? I have a pico projector, and the input on it is a mini HDMI, and i can't for the life of me find a cable on amazon without buying a mini displayport to HDMI adaptor then an additional hdmi to mini hdmi cable. ??? Am I missing it?
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    My guess is you will need (a) Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and (b) Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable.

    Mini-HDMI is normally found with HDSLRs and other video recording gear.
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    Aww rats, wish there was a cable :-(
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    I used google and couldnt find a cable you need. You have a very very unique situation.
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    ... except the thread is about a Mini Displayport to Mini HDMI cable, which doesn't appear on Monoprice's site. It does appear that to go from Mini DisplayPort to Mini HDMI (also known as "Type C"), you'll need two cables.
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    I absolutely missed the second "mini" in the thread. Now, that certainly is a pickle...

    Maybe OP could email Monoprice about it and make a request for such a product. They sell just about almost everything these days.
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    Yeah there are tons of MDP to HDMI out there, unfortunately I need to go to Mini HDMI.

    Guess Cable + Adaptor it is :)

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