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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by redeye be, Feb 10, 2005.

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    redeye be

    Isn't it about time to add the mini to the buyer's guide, or do you guys think it won't even get revved ;)

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    the buyers guide is in need of quite a few updates it seems...
  3. arn
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    I hope to update it this weekend.

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    It would also make sense to split out the different iPod models, although that is a bit of a pain.
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    Thanks, Arn. Glad to see you're keeping the site up so well. :)
  6. arn
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    ya, the ipods are a bit of a challenge.

    trying to figure out the best way to track.

    The mac mini's on the list now... but there's not much there to go by... no historical data.

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    Awesome, the product photos have updated to! :D

    EDIT: Under Mac mini it say's

    "('special notes' last updated on December 31, 1969)"


    EDIT 2: Ok it's fixed :)
  8. arn
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    fixed it.

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    Uh, now it appears to say NOTHING about the Mac mini. HTML coding problem? Viewing in IE 6 for Windows.
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    Good work

    Now new pictures and better information about the reasoning for the Buy/Don't buy :D very good
  11. arn
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    Heh... there really is nothing to say about the Mac Mini -- at least with respect to when it will be updated.

    There is no way to predict when the next mini will come out since Apple's never updated it before.

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    No, I mean it says NOTHING... none of this type info is appearing at all:

    Product: PowerBook
    Last Release: January 31, 2005
    Days Since Update: 11 (Average = 185)
    Recommendation: Buy Now! - Product just updated
    Special Notes: none.

    There's just a big white void. Safari shows it OK, but IE 6 for Windows does not. All other computer info shows correctly in IE 6, so I assume that there's some sort of coding error in the Mac mini section that only affects IE.
  13. arn
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    ah... guess I should test on more than one browser... :)

    Thanks for the heads up. I think it's fixed now.

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    Yeah... you know we don't all use Macs (even if we own them). :) It is fixed!
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    Uh, Apple DID upgrade the Mac Mini about a week after they shipped... the 8x SuperDrive?

    That means that we are long overdue for a Mini update. :( :mad: :p
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    And the price dump on RAM+ Wireless package ;)
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    The Superdrives were never updated to 8x, that was just an error on Apple's part, it's still 4x. So there was no updates, just minor price drops.
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    redeye be

    that was fast!
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    All pics updated except the Powerbooks and I still believe the Xserve. Pbooks are still ti and Xserves is still G4.
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    Yes you are correct with the PB and the Xserve :eek:
    Will proberly be updated soon,(i hope :rolleyes: )
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    No, they didn't. They updated their site, and subsequently changed it back again, but the hardware didn't change.
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    I should stop only reading MacRumors..... :)

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