Mini Server Version to become new AppleTV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by gkarris, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Wow, that new Mini is awesome - think they'll use the case for the Server version as the new AppleTV?

    Just a different board (A4 processor) and different outputs in the back (to match the current AppleTV)?

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    I doubt it would get an a4, the obvious choice would be one of the sigma chipsets you already see in many of these devices like the wdtv.
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    it would make perfect sense. especially since I have an inkling that the apple tv might eventually end up as another iOS device.
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    I think that, even as small as this case is, it would be way too large for just an a4 chip inside. That is to say if the no hard drive rumors play out. I hope a new atv comes out on iOS soon! That would be incredible.
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    I doubt they would use a sigma chip. Yes the sigma chips are great at video decoding because thats what their designed to do but for actual cpu processing like running the GUI there just not that powerful. You've only gotta look at the WDTV to see that while it decodes video great the frontend GUI is very slow and basic so imagine trying to run the ATV software on that. Also why would Apple want to develop for a new CPU architecture, meaning more time and money, when they already have a good code base from the Intel, PowerPC and A4 chips.
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    Why would an iOS ATV be a good idea? iOS is designed to be used with a multitouch interface, the ATV is designed to be used with a remote control. It doesn't seem like the two would play together that well.
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    I also think that the TV will become iOS as well, why else would they change the OS name? :) Also I'd peg the next chip to come on it to be an A4 variant but slightly more powerful (or is it powerful enough as is?).

    (I know the iPad and iPod Touch aren't iPhone's but I still think there is another reason :))
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    I think the appletv is dead.

    What should happen is that apple release the new appletv software as a Mac OS X App or add-on to the OS X... so one can buy the new Mac Mini and simply use it as a media server.

    Either this or update front row to an AppleTV standard interface.

    The new mini alone should suffice as a media server the only let down is the interface IMHO.
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    I'm really starting to believe the AppleTV's future lies in the software, the hardware just isn't necessary.
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    It makes sense to be entirely software based... unless the want another iToy!
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    Without hardware any software is useless..... And I'm certainly not paying Mac Mini prices just to play video. The ATV is at just the right price point to be justified as a media playback device. But if Apple go a software only route and force people to supply there own Mac to use it on then it's gonna end up out of most peoples price range.
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    Maybe the new apple TV will have a camera and be one of the 10s of millions of face time devices they are planning to ship?
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    No, just extra USB ports for a camera, external drives (BR and HD), and game controllers... ;)
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    Maybe a software update to access more on-line paying content but for me a hardware upgrade for proper 1080p support is more than necessary.

    Just like Mac mini and Mac mini server, why not propose a two ATV versions: one like it is today and a second model with bluray drive and PVR features
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    I don't get why people think ATV will ever get a Blu Ray. There is 0.0 business incentive for Apple to do so. If you could legally rip Blu Ray from within iTunes, then maybe, as it would be a bridge to their digital iTunes movie catalog, just as ripping CDs was years ago. But since that is not the case, I think there will never be a Blu Ray ATV option.
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    Huh? it's not about ripping 20Gb of bluray, it's about playing high-def through a single media hub on a high-def screen.

    Just look at all those networked bluray players offering similar features to ATV with USB and SD card slots. If it wasn't for the ATV GUI and iTunes library sync' I would have already replaced one of my best buys (my ATV).

    Unfortunately, bluray does not seem to be on Apple's whiteboard. Irrespective of Apple's business case ... i'm a consumer with clear needs.
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    I'm not sure there is 0.0 business incentive on apple's part, especially if including them in macs and/or a new ATV increases the overall demand for their products (can't speak for anyone else, but it would definitely increase my likelihood of buying either a new Mini or preferably a blu-ray equipped ATV).

    I think this makes a ton of sense. I'd be happy with an iOS based ATV that simply streams from itunes/internet with iphone like apps for netflix, pandora, etc. I'm hoping that's what the $99 rumored device will be like. Throw in a blu-ray drive for a couple hundred more and you'd have a great entertainment system at a very reasonable price point.
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    huh? apple has always had whoop ass software (depending on your thoughts but generally true) but part of what makes it "just work" is that they also control the hardware it runs on. I highly doubt a "appletv os" only to work on whatever hardware you choose. But, I have been wrong before ....
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    What I'm suggesting is AppleTV's software be used in place of or combined with Front Row. If you bake this software into Mac OSX and ship it with all Mac products, then the need for the AppleTV hardware diminishes greatly, which by all accounts isn't very "great" to begin with. Hope that explains it better. I'm not suggesting Apple stop making Macs in general...
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    That OK if you already have a Mac or can afford a to buy a Mac just to put under your TV, personally I don't want to pay Mac prices just to play my iTunes media on my TV.
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    No, not just for Macs under the TV. Some DLNA Certified TV's can be networked these days and are capable of playing files from attached devices. It's not widespread right now and it'd probably cost more to get a capable TV than a Mini, but this is the direction the industry seems to be heading. If/when Macs can wirelessly connect directly to TV's, which shouldn't be too long, than the AppleTV hardware becomes obsolete anyway.

    Your AppleTV is probably the best piece of hardware to do the job you need today, but tomorrow's tech will handle the job quite differently. It'd be smart for Apple to give more importance to the software side simply because it's importance won't diminish as the hardware does.
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    Not sure what you mean with DLNA TV's, yes they'll play video files but Apple are never gonna allow them to play their iTunes DRM'd content on 3rd party TV hardware.
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    New Apple TV, if it is in the pipeline, will almost certainly be along these lines...

    i.e. Based on the iPhone 4 not the Mac Mini

    "The new architecture of the device will be based directly on the iPhone 4, meaning it will get the same internals, down to that A4 CPU and a limited amount of flash storage -- 16GB to be exact -- though it will be capable of full 1080p HD (!). The device is said to be quite small with a scarce amount of ports (only the power socket and video out), and has been described to some as "an iPhone without a screen." Are you ready for the real shocker? According to our sources, the price-point for the device will be $99."
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    This.. I would love to see something like this!
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    Why would they not? You already can watch any iTunes movie on a TV if it's played thru iTunes.

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