iPad mini Mini Smart Cover Leaving Marks

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ME Nick, Nov 5, 2012.

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    ME Nick

    I have a black iPad mini, and a red smart cover.
    My cover is leaving marks on the back of the iPad where the ridges of the cover are.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
    The marks, so far, have not come off with cleaning.
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    Glad I put that back on the shelf!!!
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    Glad I got a white mini.
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    This happens to me too. Nothing permanent though. It rubs off easily
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    Yeah had the same issue here, it was doing it on the screen as well so I just took it off.
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    I'm pretty sure this happens with every Smart Cover
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    ME Nick

    What did you use to clean it?
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    another tip: the inside of the smartcover is microfiber that is supposed to clean the screen...fat chance...as a matter of fact, it holds the oils it picks up on the screen when closed and then after you clean the screen, it puts them back. Keep the microfiber clean with mild household cleaners like diluted 409, woolite mixture or Tuff stuff foam and you won't have the problem.
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    I use eye glass cleaner along with a micro fibre. Costco sells a 3 pack for $5 :)
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    ME Nick

    Great, thanks.
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    No to mention that because of the stupid way it folds up for use as a stand means it pick up debris and actually cause scratches on the screen. I would only ever use a Smart Cover without a screen protector.
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    bought a smartcover from day one of the ipad2 days...never have had it scratch the screen....YMMV...
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    ^ He didn't say it scratched the screen. He said the back of the iPad.
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    yes he did - can you read?

    No to mention that because of the stupid way it folds up for use as a stand means it pick up debris and actually cause scratches on the screen. I would only ever use a Smart Cover without a screen protector.
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    I really don't think that this needed to be explained. This would be like saying "I know a guy who survived a gunshot to the head, so YMMV!!!" Of course many people use smart covers without issue.
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    you seem to have a lot of viciousness in anywhere you post, why is that?

    just commenting my experience is different...

    whatever, sir....
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    Where did he say it scratched his screen? Can you quote his post and bold the statement? He did not say that anywhere I can see. Can YOU read sir?
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    i give up....
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    Finally. :)
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    steve dave wrote, in post #11, that debris picked up by the microfiber [can] cause scratches on the screen.

    in post #12, glen e quoted post #11 and shared his experience with a smart cover and no scratches.

    oddly enough, your request (for glen to quote and bold the statement to which he was referring) l i t e r a l l y includes glen's post where he already quoted and bolded the exact statement you claim doesn't exist
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    I know this. I LITERALLY said that the ORIGINAL POSTER never said his smart cover scratched HIS screen. That is what he was arguing.
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    no it was not...I was responding to steve dave...any normal person can see this...put the bong down, son.....
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    I have the same setup (slate + red), can you post a picture so I can see what you're seeing? As soon as I read this I removed my cover in some fear it was going to 'stain' it, which would be crazy - but all the same.

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    ME Nick

    I was able to remove the markings with glass cleaner.
    You will be safe using the cover still.
    But the markings were just vertical white lines where the ridges of the smart cover rested on the back.

    At first I was nervous taking chemicals to the back or it, but it worked fine.
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    correct - way overthinking this...you can use a variety of things on the back as it is anodized alum and pretty impervious to most cleaners except strong acids. If the red smartcover is leeching out some dye and leaving any red on the metal back, the small alcohol pads you get at the drugstore will take it off. I KNOW this works, as I just did it.

    Don't do it but I'll be acetone would work too. But no matter, any household cleaner like windex should do it, yes even with ammonia - it's metal!

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