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Mini soon or lost cause?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Tycoonguy, Feb 29, 2008.

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    I'm sorry but I havn't been following the news on the mini. The guide shows update soon. My brother wants a new computer so he ordered a mini. Should I cancel it and wait for an update? If He waits what upgrades are expected?
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    There's nothing in the news so I say just let him get it It may even be replaced.
  3. TEG
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    The mini is expected to be updated at the same time as the iMac (especially given Intel's push away from the 65nm chips currently used in both). The iMac is expected to be updated on Tuesday, so the mini should wither be updated (or God forbid, killed) either this Tuesday or next Tuesday. Apple seems to be trying to do some sort of announcement every Tuesday this year, so we'll see what happens next.

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    I feel really bad that I canceled. He's going to use my old Xp computer till the update.
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    Don't feel bad :(

    It should be updated soon :eek:
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    I agree and I'm waiting too. The Mini is WAY overpriced right now for the outdated technology inside the box. As soon as a new update comes out I'm ordering one, with all the bells and whistles. I've even got a Newer Tech V3 external enclosure to sit underneath the Mini and be the Time Machine drive for it. Oh, I hope it's this Tuesday.....
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    I too am waiting for a new mini ...:)
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    Tick-tock, tick-tock...
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    A graphics card would be nice along with some processing (CPU) power, why does the Mini get treated like the redheaded stepchild - Isn't the idea to get people hooked on OS X ? (I am)
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    err bingo you just said why, its market share is the smallest of the range.

    until one of the other companies brings out a mini Pc that is cheaper, superior and sells well, Steve doesnt need to pay the mini much attension
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    I really hope it gets upgraded. I need a new computer soon, and as money is an issue with me, the mini is the way I'm planning to go. I hope it's not killed off.
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    Because it is a mac for less then a grand? It is always going to be last.

    2.0-2.2 SR x3100. The only realistic mac mini upgrade. If it happens.
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    I agree.. The mini will never be ahead of the pack in anything. I even doubt it will get penryn at this update (if indeed it happens). I really hope they won't cancel it though, I'm ready to get one as soon as a SR mini comes out.
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    Sorry to possibly be dumb, but what is "SR"?
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    Lord Zedd

    An actual dedicated graphics system is all I'd want out of an update. I don't care about the CPU, it can always be upgraded as long as they don't solder it to the board.
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    The sad thing is, knowing Apple, it will STILL be way overpriced for the upgrade it would likely get. :eek:
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    Not going to happen. Keep the Mac Pro and the Mini separate, just like they do with the MB and the MBP. The mini gets old MB parts, it will never have a dedicated graphics.
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    just give me ANY update

    I don't care so much about dedicated graphics so much as I care about updated graphics. This is all I'm looking for (and the only reasons I'm holding off on getting a Mini):
    - better graphics (even if onboard with share memory)
    - proc bump
    - support for 4gig RAM (possible with a bump to the next higher C2D chipset)

    Basically I'm looking for the same specs as the previous gen of MacBook.
    Too much to ask?? When, Apple, WHEN!!??
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    I think you will get what you are asking for. Just a hunch.
  22. PNW
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    How does putting a dedicated GPU in the mini make it part of the Mac Pro line? You could drop a Bose system in a Bug and no one would confuse it with a Mercedes.

    Is it so inconceivable that the mini splits into a base model with on board graphics and a second tier with a GPU? Yes I realize that would require a larger footprint, but then the appleTV, time machine and mini could all have the same footprint.
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    Cave Man

    I'd like to see a dedicated graphics card because I use Aperture. But Apple doesn't like people like me because we don't usually buy ACDs to go with our Minis. I'll also take the 8 gig RAM max.
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    cherry su

    It's strange that the mini has [POS] integrated gfx while the AppleTV has a dedicated [although also POS by today's standards] gfx (it's a nVidia 7300 with 64MB RAM fyi)
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    Cave Man

    The ATV has dedicated gpu for one reason - hardware decoding of H.264 video. I don't know of any integrated gpus that can do that. The 950 has MPEG-2 decoding built in, which is why it plays DVDs so well.

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