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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by machobson, Jul 8, 2005.

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    Hey everyone,
    Using the iBook in my signature, I tried connecting it to a TV with Apple's mini vga to TV using the yellow video cord. The problem is when I plugged it in, the screen was flickering black and white. I tried playing around with the resolution and colors. When this happened on my eMac I just changed the screen refresh setting and it was fixed. But the screen refresh setting isn't available on my iBook, I am guessing because the iBook has an LCD and the eMac doesn't. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to fix it? The Apple mini VGA cord is practically brand new and the iBook is recongnizing it because when I plug it in, the entire screen goes blue for like 3 seconds. Thanks
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    Did you hit the 'Detect Displays' button?
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    Defiantly Yes.
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    I had an iBook that would hook up to every TV, VCR, etc except for the VCR in my living room. I could hook up my PS2, DVD player, and even my PowerBook to the VCR without problem though. It was just some weird compatibility issue or something. Do you have another TV or VCR to try?
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    That yellow cord, is that
    1) RCA-to-RCA,
    2) S-video-to-RCS or
    3) S-Video-S-video?
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    Video RAM

    That iBook doesn't have the video ram to support a tv as an external display. It's pretty paltry (eight, if I remember) so you are pretty much out of luck. Sorry man!

    PS...same thing happened to me...after, of course, the return period had passed for the adapter I had bought.
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    Why the hell does it even come with the mini vga port then? Does it have enough vram to hook up to a projector?
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    WTF? rude to me, I designed the ***** thing.
    Yes, it has enough RAM to hook up to a projector and most VGA displays.
    I think the 500mhz was the last version without enough vram to power a tv.
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    Sorry I wasn' t trying to be rude to you at all, I am just mad that it won't hook up. Other than that one feature it is the best and most well built laptop I have ever had. Good job. Sorry if I offended you in any way, that was not my purpose. And thanks for the info.

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