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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Trey M, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Does anyone on here have the Minidrive (the off-branded one) made specifically for the Air? AKA The Minidrive Macbook Air.

    ^There's the link for it. If someone does, I was just wondering if you could upload an image on here with how it looks in the computer. I want to make sure the plastic cap on the end is completely flush and covers the entire SD card slot before I order.

    Appreciate it!
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    I just recieved one yesterday - ordered through amazon at:

    It's not exactly flush - it is actually recessed just a bit. There is a clear plastic flexible tab attached to it for removal - you sort of fold that over and tuck it into the slot. You would use a pen or paper clip to hook the tab and pull it out to remove the drive. The folder over plastic tab protrudes just very slightly from the SD slot, but it is clear plastic, so it's invisible - I can feel it if I slide a finger across it though.

    There's an image attached. Never tried this at MacRumors, so I'm not sure I attached it correctly...

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    So that one you received isn't the one made specifically for the Air. Interesting. Obviously it provides the same abilities it just doesn't have the plastic tab at the end made for the Air.
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    Huh... Yeah, you're right. It's listed as Air/Pro/Retina. I didn't even see the Air specific version, although it is also available on Amazon. Now that I have this one, I think I'm glad I saved the $10 though...
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    I have one. Its perfect! minus the appearance, however you dont see it at all. For me its actually recessed in, not protruding or flushed. I also have the plastic tab tucked in so that its not noticeable at all!

    I'll attach some pictures later when im around my MBA.
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    I have one. Good responsive company too. Works as advertised (heck maybe even better than Nifty Drive as I've read through their comments on Kickstarter).

    The tape is rather "inelegant"... I actually took my tape off and glued a VERY small silver tube to the end, then I use a bent paperclip to pull it out.

    Nifty wins hands downs on looks. Minidrive wins on availability price and function.

    Good luck,


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