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Minimize in Place...back in action!!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Mr.Hey, Aug 21, 2002.

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    It requires 10.2......hahahhaha I'm loven this brought to you by the cool @ss people at spymac.com send them an email to say thanks.
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    Over Achiever

    Re: Minimize in Place...back in action!!!

    :D Thats what I was looking for :D
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    Over Achiever

    Now how about bring back that aqua beach ball;)?
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    its kinda cool, but I only use it as a novelty
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    this looks dope. thanks!
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    what is this minimize in place thing?
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    Uh, so how does it know whether it's 6C115 or 6C115a? The only thing changed was the read-me. Big whoop.
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    It minimizes a window as a little icon that you can drag around anywhere on the screen. Like in the dock, but it's not restricted to staying in the dock. Personally I don't see too much use in it. Things could get too cluttered.
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    It's totally useful when you have a lot of minimized windows and your dock is


    out too far beyond the edeges of your desktop.
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    How can your dock do that? Do you have a crt whose picture extends beyond the bezel? I can see the dock getting very small, maybe I have never had that many items in my dock. I have probably been up to thirty, but that's it.

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