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Mischief: Soon to be a Demi-God

Discussion in 'Community' started by britboy, Jun 8, 2002.


What should be done if mischief doesn't pony up the dough and join the demi-gods?

  1. Ban him

    1 vote(s)
  2. Pie him ad infinitum

    7 vote(s)
  3. Force him to swap his G4 for an eMachine running windows XP

    12 vote(s)
  4. Call him silly names and catcall him

    2 vote(s)
  5. Other (specify in your post)

    3 vote(s)
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    Through random acts of violence and coercion, we (the demi-gods) intend to recrtuit furthar members to our cause: the furtherance of Macrumors. Next in the firing line: Mischief.

    Mischief, you're a regular poster, a source of inspiration to others, and should be a good example to those who follow (well, two out of three isn't bad ;))

    Join the demi-gods, NOW!!!

    You have been warned. We shall not let up, till you give in and be join the collective.
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    join us.

    join us

    join us

    join us

    i am a dumb lazy "barely educated" college student and i paid up.

    join us

    join us

    stop buying so many damn pies and

    join us

    join us

  3. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Resistance is futile...

    Join us and we'll make you the chief inforcer of the DGVPG....
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    he better be a demi when i get back

    or else

    well, not much i guess

    i'm off for real. outtie
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    Seeings how its the weekend, he probably wouldn't be able to attain demi-godhood before monday. We shall not let him escape though. :mad:
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    Maybe he considers his blatant disregard of all that is Good and Right to be some form of 'Thinking Different'. Totally unacceptable, of course. I will look into gathering the rabid badgers, if someone can give me the address to send them to him. (In a cheery box labeled, "Stay on the bleeding edge") or we could poke him in the eye with a pointy stick... but I prefer the badgers.
  7. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Badgers are good, but I'm thinking rabid skunks, for the lingering suffering.....
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    Hey, it's easy!

    Geesh, Mischief, just buy a mug and be done with it! I did, and now everyone thinks I'm WAY smarter than I am, and it scores points on those lonely nights at the coffee shop when you've stuck yer dollar in the public web access computer, log onto MacRumors, and drag people over to see your name with "Demi-God" next to it.

    What else does one need in life?!:)

    "Wrong Thinking is Punishable, Right Thinking Will Be as Quickly Rewarded"

    (spoken by large headed small framed women dressed in silver drag robes with funny male voices and pulsing veins in foreheads)
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    [Mexican accent]
    Badgers??? BADGERS??? We don't need no stinking badgers.... [/Mexican accent] LOL

    I fully support the nagging of mischief until he ponies up for the mug... I mean, sheesh dude, it's ONLY $30. Considering a college student could do it, and not go hungry that week (I've been to college so I know who tight money can be at times... books or dinner... dinner or beer... too many decisions :D), you really MUST do it and join the ranks of Demi-Gods.
  10. Moderator emeritus


    I can just picture it...

    mischief in front of an eMachine...XP sticking it's tongue out at him and refusing to run...

    mischief curses the machine....then hurls a pie into it...he he ha :D :eek: :p
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    Well, if he is forced onto one with hexpee home edition, that would happen after 30 days if he doesn't tell m$ everything they want to know about him (scary thought from both sides of that exchange).
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    I cant believe ya'll would take someone mac and give them an eMachine.....geez...we're tryin to get him to pay.

    I wouldnt wish an emachine on anyone...especially not anyone from this site, mostly ;)

    I just say pie him. It'd be great. Mischief wakes up .... BLAM! a pie in the face. Get outta the shower....SPLAT!! Gets to work.....SPLAT, SPLAT, miss,..dang:p

    sniggity nooch
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    I may not post 20 times a day, but I am a frequent poster. Been around here a long long time. I will be a demi-god soon enough....
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    Re: MacAztec?

    Depends on what you consider soon enough... for some, that's not soon enough :D... I went and did it before it was the thing to do. Both eyelikeart and I ordered up our mugs at about the same time, but I think mine arrived a day or two before his (go figure).

    I didn't go for the pies (that can be too messy, and I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his vengence) or the xp computer *shudder*. I would only wish xp (home edition) on my worst enemies, which I am secretly working on replacing their Mac systems with poc's running xp to see if they notice :D. I've found that nagging someone can get the result you want easier, faster, and cheaper (you don't have to purchase all those pies or spend the $$ for the hexpee thingy). Plus, they could ignore you, but the more voices that you have nagging the person, the less chance they can ignore it. :D
  15. Moderator emeritus


    re: MacAztec

    he he he....just be thankful u are younger than most...

    I think that's why u get less heat...he he he ;)
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    Re: MacAztec?

    Well hurry then. We'll be working our way down the list of top posters....

    The rest of you skinflints have been warned :D :D
  17. Moderator emeritus


    Re: Re: MacAztec?

    I can't believe u just called them all "skinflints!" :D
  18. Moderator emeritus


    The main thing is going to be to keep this thread up high enough to make sure he sees it when he comes around. And you know what that means...

    Random discussion, or shameless "bump" posts.:D :rolleyes:
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    Re: Re: Re: MacAztec?

    Is there a problem? :p

    Where is mischief anyway? His ears must be burning up by now!
  20. Moderator emeritus


    Re: Re: Re: Re: MacAztec?

    no problem...it just sounds hella funny!! :D

    come on...u should know I laugh at lots of stuff...he he he ;)

    btw...mischief likely won't be back till the week starts...he actually gets away from here on weekends... :rolleyes:
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MacAztec?

    Well, you're the HGLM :D :rolleyes:

    Would 'cheapskates' have been better ;) :p
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MacAztec?

    How the hell does he manage that??? LOL... Then again, I will probably be spending more time blowing things up while at home, since I got the game system back up and running... :D

    click, click, BOOM!!!
  23. Moderator emeritus


    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MacAztec?

    How about "tightwads"?:D
  24. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    bad timing, then on the attack, if he's not around during the weekend. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll show up tonight...

    have to remember that in the future for other individuals on the list....:D
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    [edited at the behest of the head of recruitment]

    Let's just make sure this thread stays near the top until monday then.
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