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Mission Impossible 4 case

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by DropKick, Dec 16, 2011.

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    If anyone saw the movie, what case was on the macbook air? Was it a custom job? It looked decent.
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    yeah it looked very similar, hm. I'm guessing it was a custom job for the movie.
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    Checked out the link but didn't see anything about a MBA???
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    About to see it in NYC. Any reviews ?? Super pumped. Lincoln center in NYC.
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    We just came back from seeing the movie this afternoon, very cool. It is my favorite of all the MI movies. The carbon case was cool. We saw it in iMax which certainly has come a long way.
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    Just came back from 70 mm imax in lincoln nyc... Can't remember the last time I was on edge of the seat for the most of the movie. Dubai tall building scene must be seen on full imax screen. Unreal!!

    Oh yeah, MBA being on that movie was super cool as well !!!! (not to mention all the cell phone was iphone except one I think)
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    There were a couple MUST HAVE iPhone apps in the movie as well. I can't find them in iTunes, IMF (Impossible Missions Forces) must have their own source .........:rolleyes:
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    lol it's awesome!!!
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    Movie was awesome I now regret that I didn't go to Dubai while I was in the military.

    I wish we had that iPad app and that camera screen to make a hallway become a mirror basically. That was incredible!
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    iPhone & Macbook Air Case

    The cool cases for the iPhone and MacBook Air are from ION. Hope this helps.
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    The one in the movie has a smooth surface. There is no smooth version on the site. Its not the does carbon shell.

    The phones could be the stealth ranger but I dont recall seeing carbon fiber sides.
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    I think the Air in MI4 is the old one (pre-2010), isn't it?
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    Don't believe so. I am pretty sure the back-lit apple was visible through the MBA case.

    Awesome movie, we had a blast watching it.
  15. ritmomundo, Dec 26, 2011
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    I just saw the movie the other day after reading this thread, so I paid extra attention to the Air and iPhones (although it was tough cuz the movie itself was so good:p).

    As for the iPhones at the end of the movie, the cases looked similar to this one I bought from Verizon, though I couldn't tell if those had the kickstand. I don't believe they were carbon fiber cases.

    I was thinking the same thing. Its definitely the older Air. I tried googling for the carbon fiber case, but I can't find anything close. The case in the movie was definitely more rugged than the ones I'm finding online.

    Edit: Looks like the poster above is correct, it was in fact the ION Carbonshell case. Video clip. Product Link.
    Yep, the Apple logo was visible through a circular opening.
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    Indeed it is the ION, the 1st gen. Odd they didn't carry the logo cutout through to the 2011's.
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    Not seen the movie, anyway liked the look of the case for my 2011 Air 13 inch, received today very disappointed lower shell fits perfectly, upper has little or no retention and does not match the curve of the Air`s lid exactly, as a result short of resorting to some form of adhesive there is no way the upper will stay in place. I expected a lot more for the price $90.

    I have mailed ION, however due to heavy work commitments it`s very difficult for me to return the case, stranger in a strange land and all that, it would likely cost me more in lost time to return the defective case than the actual cost in the first place, so will probably end up eating the cost...

    If they require pictures I will send as hopefully it will help to present reoccurrence, maybe a one off, however be warned if like me returning by post is not straight forward you may want to think twice :mad:
  19. terryzx, Dec 31, 2012
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    Here is that case from carbonfibergear.com

    Video with a link to buy like i just did

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    Don't understand why people put holes in the back of cases.

    They do the same for iPhones/iPads. So ugly.
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    One reason I hate OtterBox... I don't care to flash an Apple logo at everyone I walk by.

    I must say that is a pretty sleek case, but why hide such a beautiful laptop that isn't that prone to damage anyway? At least not as prone to damage as a phone or tablet.

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