Mississippi River bald eagle trip!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Triplenickle, Jan 24, 2010.

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    HI Folks...

    I was in Iowa for several days and just returned, sorting through over 4000 images. This place rocks for eagles!

    Here is one of my fav images from the trip.


    I have posted over 20 images so far here! Please check back as I will be posting many more!

    Also, I did a daily blog and just posted a really cool event, "caught on tape" so to speak. Thought you would enjoy as well. Click on my blog here!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Those are great! Where were you at the time of the pictures? I grew up in Dubuque and have also lived in Davenport.
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    These pics were from L&D 14.

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    Looks like that bird means business. Very cool photos.
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    That is a stunning photo, great timing.
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    Triplenickle - beautiful photos! Those birds are magnificent.
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    Incredible photos and story behind them! That's a lot of expensive glass out there
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    Thanks all for the comments.... they truly are fun to be around.. sometimes you just want to watch them..
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    Great pictures!
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    Wow. That picture's spectacular! The whole album's brilliant too!
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    Thanks !

    Thanks again to all of you! I really appreciate your time and comments. I just added 9 more to the slide show.
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    Wow! Absolutely incredible photos!
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    Real nice photos, love them.
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    Thanks again for all your comments. I do appreciate it. Eagles are great subjects to photograph.

    I am back in Iowa Feb 9-11 and Feb 19-21 for business and pleasure... I hope to have some blue skies and a little sun these next times to make these guys really pop!
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    Thank Jess for the comments. I added a few more to the slideshow over the weekend. I have just a few more to go!

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