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Mississippi: Vote for an amendment to declare fertilized egg a person

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Hugh, Nov 4, 2011.

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    I think Mississippi f'ed up if this vote goes though, it's going too far. This opens all kinds of can of worms. This will mean the day after pill would be illegal as well as some other forms of birth control.

    I see this going to the Supreme Court as another Roe v. Wade case. I don't even understand how the measure is even legal. :/ conception a person?? It's just bunch of cells. They make it illegal to dispose of unused fertilized eggs.

    It says in the article that the people backing the vote (Personhood USA Colorado-based group ) tried it other states and it failed. This time they are going to a southern state that is the most religious.


    Just so you know I think I'm pro-choice, I think it's up to the family to decide.
    I know it's the women's body, but I think the father should have some say in it. :/
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    Saw this in the NYT on Tuesday or Wednesday. Pretty stupid IMO.

    I disagree.
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    Rodimus Prime

    The law would never hold up to any legal challenge in court. It would be killed in the district court as unconstitutional.
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    NOTE: Quote is a response of my post.

    I don't know; why would the father not have a voice in the matter? Because it's all her? I guess I'm split on this decision. :/

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    steve knight

    most forms of birth control prevent fertilized eggs in the first place. but the pro lifer's claim that the pill or the morning after pill causes abortions. it's just more spreading false info to justify your belief.
    the idiots want everything even of they counter each other. get rid of abortions but get rid of the best method to stop it. fools and their beliefs.
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    The question you have to ask yourself is if you think the father should have a moral right to a voice in the matter or a legal right to a voice in the matter.
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    I think he should but I know he will never get that right.
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    You do understand that YOU'RE just a bunch of cells.
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    So is a potato. Does that mean it should be a person too?
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    Only if its the kind with all the glasses, noses and mouths stored in his butt.
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    steve knight

    some potatoes are more person then some of the candidates running for president.
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    Rodimus Prime

    so what about all the fertilized eggs that do not implant or when the body miscarriers? should the mother be punished for that fact as well?
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    steve knight

    that is getting tried too. you have to prove your miscarriage was natural or you will be arrested.
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    Yes, so is a pig, but that's besides the point. The point is at conception the egg splits in to two cells, then four cells and so on. At this point it is just a glop of cells.

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    Grey Beard

    Yes, but I'm a bunch of bent cells, so I am special.
  16. CalBoy, Nov 4, 2011
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    This type of ignorant arrogance is precisely why matters of science shouldn't be up to political definition.

    You are cells. You are also specialized cells, tissues, organs, and also a shocking amount of bacteria. You also have sentience and consciousness. Independent respiratory abilities, the ability to process food without the aid of another's digestive system and your own antibodies.

    That embryo? It's just cells. 50% of the time they will never be anything more because sexual reproduction is far from perfect.
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    Would a miscarriage be negligant homicide?
  18. Guest

    IMO, once the father chooses not to utilize any available birth control measure on his 'end' of the deed, he loses the ability/ right to have a choice in the matter.

    NOTE: If the mother chooses to proceed with the pregnancy, then of course the father still has any/ all legal responsibilities, IMO.
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    What if he uses a condom and it fails? Is it his choice then?
  20. Guest

    I don't do what if; apply common sense.
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    I think that the male Should be able to sever his legal ties to a child. If a female can abort the child, a male should be able to leave as well.
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    IMO both the man and the woman have a say in the matter regardless of what contraceptive device is used (or not used).
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    We can say the same thing about the mother then, right? Didn't use birth control then u have to carry to term.
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    The man has a say in it - when he chooses to have sex with someone who could get pregnant. That's his choice, he then has to deals with the consequences no matter what they may be. But that is where his choices in the matter ends IMO.
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    Fair enough. But all I would add to that is this: if that's where his choices end, then that's where his responsibilities should end, too. You don't want a man to have a say in what Happens to his child then don't expect to get his money for that same child. U can't have it both ways.

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