Mixing RAM in a USB 2.0 eMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by peevies, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I just got a USB 2.0 emac for nothing that was going to the recycler.
    The door specs are:
    1.25 ghz/256/40GB/Combo
    "About this mac" shows that it has 512mb RAM installed in one slot, and it is running 10.4.11
    Anyways, it seems to be working great so far.
    I was able to get one stick of 256mb supported RAM from the only other 1.25 ghz machine in the lot - the rest were 700 - 800mhz emacs.
    Is it OK to mix the 256 with the 512? I've read many places that it is fine, but will it actually boost the speed of apps and things, or should I just leave it as is? I read somewhere that it might slow down the speed between the two RAM capacities - I have no idea!
    I don't want to spend any money to buy more RAM.
    Any opinions would be appreciated - thanks!
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    yes its ok to mix the ram in the eMac , the eMac is not fuzzy about that , and every mb ram you give him more will help performance as with every mb he has more he does have to use a mb less virtual memory on the harddrive ;)
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    I couldn't imagine it wouldn't help to ADD more memory....I'll try it.

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    Yeah it should be fine if it is a compatible type with your eMac which it should be if you got it from an identical system.
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    I will definitely put the RAM in. I couldn't pass up a free emac, and getting extra RAM for it was a bonus. My first mac is still running Tiger, and I love it still.
    I did splurge on an Airport Extreme card on Ebay for @$30....but that's IT! The little heavy-duty bugger is cranking iTunes streaming radio right now.
    What a great little machine!
    Hoping for a few more years (?) of service if I really did get a good emac.
    At least I know the reason it was being recycled was because the lot of macs were being replaced after 5-7 years.
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    Congratulations! I love mine, and anyone I've ever talked to thats owned one likes them too. They are great computers! :D

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