.mkv support on ps3 coming ?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Bennieboy©, Oct 16, 2009.

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    what are the chances of sony adding .mkv support for the ps3?

    sat here trying ( hopefully ) to convert mkv to avi to play on it grrrrrr, :mad:
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    yea its really annoying that it cant play mkv files. I don't really expect sony to update this problem (you never know though). For now your best bet is to export using a pass through for the video (mkv video is already h.264) and just re-encode the audio. transcoding the videos takes forever and degrades video quality.

    when i download shows in mkv format, it usually only takes my g5 a minute or two to convert to an mp4 file that the ps3 can play.
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    .mkv is open source so it's up to Sony. I use PS3 Media Server which has live encoding so I can stream .mkv file and it'll be encoded to .avi while I'm streaming it, no need for pre-converting it and then streaming. Great app
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    link? google keeps pointing me to a mediatomb page with a dead end :S
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