MKV to DVD (with subtitles) - assistance?

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    Jun 13, 2013
    London, England
    Hi everyone…
    OK - wondered if anyone could help. Got an MKV (it's a French film - from a DVD rip)… I used to have the DVD but now can't find it.
    I want to make a DVD / burn a DVD from the MKV file for my sister: she's only got an iPad, and has no laptop. I want to give her a DVD copy of the film so she can watch it on her TV.
    I've got Ripit, which only goes the other way (it makes a file from the DVD), and Handbrake.
    I also got miDVD, which I noticed was recommended by somebody here.
    It created a nice, sharp DVD from the MKV file easily, but the subtitles are nowhere to be found on the finished DVD!
    I played the newly burned DVD through my TV - there's a "subtitles" button on the DVD remote, but it didn't work... And when I put the DVD into my external USB superdrive (I'm using a 15" Retina MacBook Pro) it played fine through the the laptop DVD player, except the subtitles were definitely nowhere to be found…
    I've got no separate srt file (when I play the MKV file on my Mac the subtitles are already there).
    I figured I'd convert it to an MP4 using Handbrake, and all that happened then was that it reduced the file size (and added some director's commentary that I didn't even know was on the MKV…) Seems like "double handling" if I have to use Handbrake as well anyway... In the subtitles section in Handbrake you can only click "forced" or whatever if you have first chosen "track", which gives a baffling drop-down menu.
    So is there a simple free DVD making programme out there that will include the subtitles? I know they're somewhere in the MKV file, because they always come up by default when I play the film in VLC (or mPlayer)…
    I simply (!) want a hard copy DVD of the file… with the subtitles.
    Thanks in advance!
    And please excuse the long-winded post…
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    Apr 29, 2010
    dvd with subtitles

    I had thought the latest Handbrake release (May 13)dealt with this issue.
    I did notice the ability to choose subtitles and it was in the release notes.
    Have you downloaded the latest?
    A while ago I had the same problem - russian/english and found a PC program that ran under parallels called Freemake Video Converter.
    It allowed you to choose the inbuilt subtitle to use and burnt it in very well.
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    Jun 13, 2013
    London, England
    Yeah - just downloaded Handbrake yesterday.
    Guess my issue is the "track" drop-down menu in the subtitles section. Surely "track" relates to audio?
    If only there was a button that said, "include subtitle, but keep everything else the same", or a simple DVD making tool that had a "keep / force subtitles" button.
    So really I guess I wish Handbrake was designed for simpletons like me :)
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    Apr 29, 2010
    handbrake - subtitles

    Have you tried - as an experiment
    1. Make copy of film
    2. In copy of film open handbrake
    3. On subtitles tab - select english - under track
    4. check the burned in tick box.
    ( if you ever had the SRT file then you would select that from drop down)
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    Jun 13, 2013
    London, England
    Cheers Josh - actually it was bugging me so much I just went and bought Toast.
    Did the job.

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