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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Aries326, Apr 1, 2012.

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    So, I downloaded MKV2M4V from the App Store and I guess it does exactly what I wanted to do. Now I can covert my MKVs to M4Vs quickly by changing the containers and not having to spend a lot of time recoding anything through HandBrake. Everything streams just fine to my AppleTV. Using AirMedia, everything streams just fine to my iPad and iPhones. He only problem I have is the when I try to play these videos on my laptop, the audio is messed up. All I hear are clicks and buzzes. Any advice? Thanks.
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    What are you using to play the video? Tried using VLC?
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    Is the default audio channel Dolby Digital (AC3)? Use something like Subler to set the default channel.
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    Through iTunes, the audio is messed up. But if I dig for the file and play it through VLC, everything sounds fine. Anything I can do so it sounds fine on iTunes?
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    Try running MediaInfo over the file and posting the output, that should explain the issue.

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