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ML DP2 on Mac Pro 1,1? Anyone?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by macpro2000, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Hey guys, with the first DP I was able to successfully install ML DP1 without a hitch using the hack provided on the web. Upon using the same steps with DP2, I run into a wall as upon startup I get a circle with a line through it on the startup screen. Has anyone else run into this error or did I just mess up somewhere? Thanks for your responses.
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    Maybe they did what we thought they would do. Pull the 32-bit kernel. Don't know for sure as my dev account just expired and I am feeling real lazy about re-uping it.
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    Kernelcache is now x86_64 only, which is why Mac Pro 1.1 cannot boot:(
  4. Cindori, Mar 17, 2012
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    told ya so
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    Mine is ready to expire too. I guess no reason to re-up if my main machine can't run 10.8. Shame when It's faster than most of Apples current iMacs.
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    The original MP unupgraded is not faster than any new iMac, nor any newMBP. If it's upgraded then it's only faster than the base models of both..
  7. derbothaus, Mar 17, 2012
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    There are other reasons. Access to the old stuff is nice. :D
    Had to downgrade Java the other day. Hard to find early versions.
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    Have you tried booting ML DP2 via the hackintosh boot loader chameleon? It supposedly works well with unsupported macs, "Hackerwayne" on another thread managed to boot DP2 with chameleon on a macbook 2,1 and a friend of mine has managed to boot DP2 with the same chameleon boot loader on a mac pro 1,1.
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    I would gladly paypal $20 to anyone who can get DP2 going on my mp.

  10. electropura718, Mar 28, 2012
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    I've been running Lion with the 64bit kernel using Chameleon for quite awhile.

    Getting DP 2 installed has been a bit of a challenge, without a 32 bit kernel to boot the installer with. Have not found a way to boot the installer with Chameleon instead of EFI 64.

    Tonight I found a way to do it. I downloaded the latest beta of VMWare Fusion. I installed Mountain Lion DP2 into a Virtual Machine. Then I downloaded and installed Carbon Copy Cloner in the VM. I then cloned the VM into a Disk Image (DMG). I then cloned the disk image onto a physical disk (becoming my Mountain Lion boot disk).

    I now have a working, clean install of Mountain Lion DP 2 (64 bit kernel only) that boots using Chameleon r1820.

    Follow the very long thread on Netkas.org for how to get up and running with Chameleon, if you don't already know. Don't screw around and try to wing it...you can end up with a big mess if you don't follow directions.

    Not sure that qualifies for the 20 bucks, but lemme know....:)
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    I had a week or so ago tried to get the whole Chameleon thing up and running with 1820 (appears it works the best)...I just couldn't get it up and running...obviously I am doing something wrong...even tried the chameleon wizard. Usually I feel I'm pretty good at this stuff but obviously not good enough. I know I can do the whole VMWare/CC stuff, it's just the chameleon thing that's getting me. Would a screen share work? Then it's $20! :)

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    No need for money. What exactly are you having trouble with?

    Are you confused with the instructions? It's definitely one of those things that sounds more complicated than it really is.
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    Question installing Chameleon on mac pro 2006

    1. where do I get the "org.chameleon.Boot plist" file from or where can I find it ?

    2.) where do I have to replace the mac computer serial in the "smbios.plist" file ?


    Do i have to replace "SMserial" here with my mac computer serial ?

    I found this guide on netkas.org http://goo.gl/3wXqn

    "Booting the 64 bit Kernel on the 2006/2007 mac pro"

    3.) The 64 bit kernel is needed for installing mountain lion DP2 ?

    Thanks for the help

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    At the bottom of MacEFIRoms first post files to download (you need to register and log into the site to see them. They go in the "Extra" folder, which is created on the Boot partition where you install Chameleon. If you want to use a more current version of Chameleon (necessary if you want to run Mountain Lion), then download the ones in Sascha's post toward the end of the thread.

    Yes. You need to put in your serial number, replacing what is in the file already.

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