ML DP2 & Vmware Fusion 4.1

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by chenks, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Got an invite to AppleSeed, and got my download code for 10.8 DP2 today.
    Downloaded it and attempting to install it (clean install) virtually in Vmware Fusion 4.1.1.

    It starts and I get to the language choice screen, but I can't seem to select anything, the mouse moves but doesn't react to any mouse clicks.

    Any ideas why? I didn't have any issues when I installed DP1 this way.
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    VMWare has a free download of a beta version called "tech preview", which supports ML DP2. The regular release version doesn't work.
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    i thought that was for using within ML (ie running virtuals when using ML).
    i didn't realise it was meant for installing on Lion just to use ML in a virtual ?

    strange how DP1 works fine, but DP2 doesn't.
  4. ProfDrLuigi, Mar 31, 2012
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    I got DP2 working in TechPreview of VMWare under 10.7.3 with my 1,1.

    There is a little Trick. If you install dp2 on the standard-hd which is created by creating a new VM i got an Error on installation.

    I shutdown the VM und deleted the "automatic created" harddisk of VMWare. I created a new one with 20 GB. SCSI and NO 2GB-Splits (don´t know if that matter). After this procedure i booted the DP2-Install-DVD. Went to the Harddisk-Tool and Create one Partition on the virgin virtual harddisk.

    Et voila ... the Installer doesn´t complain and the Installation went smooth. Ready to take this System via CCC on a real physical drive and boot from that.

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    I'm assuming this TechPreview undoes the fun feature of 4.1.0 where any OS X version could be run in VM?
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    Any version past 4.1 is going to do that.
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    Not sure how I did it, but I have DP2 running in VMware 4.1 (no beta release) just fine. It installed with no hassles except when it came time to install VMware tools...then I had to Google for a solution.

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