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ML makes my 2011 MBP run noticeably warmer then w. Lion

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by bigpoppamac31, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Has anyone else had this?? Since I upgraded to ML my MBP has been running noticeably much warmer then it was when I was running Lion. Is there a reason for this?? I'm not running any intensive apps. Just apps like Safari, iTunes, VLC, iMessage etc. iStat dashboard widget says the CPU is at 68F degrees. I can barely use it on my lap for long periods like I could before with Lion.
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    Check /Applications/Utilities/Activity Viewer and see if some older process is running away with cycles.
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    What should I be looking for in the Activity Monitor?

    Also I notice that whenever I restart my Mac the desktop picture is randomly changed. And when restarting Safari it doesn't reload all my previous open tabs. Either they all appear and simply stay blank tabs or sometimes different tabs will appear.

    Also why does Notification Centre only notify me of thing once I open an App. For example if my Mail App is closed Notification Centre will not notify me of new emails. But once I open Mail then the notifications show up. Kind of defeats the purpose of Notification Centre. You'd think it would notify me of new emails therefore prompting me to open Mail to read them. Makes more sense.
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    In Activity Monitor - Make sure that 'All Processes' is showing & then click on %cpu. This will show you if some process is running wild.

    As was pointed out by Weaselboy in a post a few days ago - in Maverick's you will no longer need to open Mail for it to notify you of new emails. Roll on Maverick's :)
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    Well Safari seems to be the culprit. But I do keeps lots of tabs open. It just never got this warm when I was on Lion. I hope Mavericks resolves this. I just think Safari is the best browser but it's always been a memory hog.
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    It Might be Flash messing with the system. Go get ClickToFlash/Plugin. This should help with a lot of tabs open.
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    I have Click To Flash and it's turned on.

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