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MLB At Bat app

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by tomccabe, Jul 10, 2008.

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    amazing. video quality is about twice that of youtube. they don't skimp on the content either. about 15+ clips for yesterday's red sox/twins game.
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    WooHoo! Can't wait to use it. :)
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    Yeah I agree, it looks great.
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    worth every one of the 500 pennies!
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    i'd love to see an NFL app.

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    Wow, you got ripped off... I only had to pay 499 pennies. :cool:
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    you'll see it around august/september for sure :)
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    Sky Blue

    it's worth nothing that according to the app description, the $4.99 is only for the rest of the 2008 season (including playoffs).
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    That app looked really cool and shows what the iphone is capable of video wise. I don't even like baseball/sports, but I still might get it to show off the phone, lol.
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    I'll be using it at the Cubs game this Saturday. I hope to see quick video updates so we can watch replays of certain plays. For $5-10 a year it's WELL worth it.
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    I downloaded this, but I cant get it on my iphone. Can anyone help?
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    can someone post video of this? ive been wanting to see a preview of it, thanks.
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    I can't wait for the NFL app, it's a no brainer for them to do one.
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    nfl..mlb... yawn..

    bring me NHL baby!

    only a few more months to go..

    go lightning!


    in all seriousness.. if you check out MLB.com lately.. their lpitch-by-pitch game feature is pretty amazing..
    if the App is anything similar its well worth the $5.

    i really hope they have similar for nfl and nhl.
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    I'd love to see something similar available for the Olympics or for the Premier League. I'm a sports junkie, so I'd love to have this available to me anywhere at anytime.
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    It looks like the video feed's quality is dependent on your connection. Wifi gives a GREAT video image, but it actually needs to download a little like the youtube app to play all the way through smoothly. On EDGE the video quality is severely downgraded, but plays with no breaks on clickthrough. Imagine 3G will be somewhere in between. I wasn't considering upgrading to a 3G AT ALLL until I realized that these apps are so good the speed bump might be worth it.
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    Ryan Howard hit a home run and the highlight was posted 3 minutes later. Yes, I timed it. And yes, this rocks. I was skeptical about it being worth the money when I could just load up mlb.com or espn.com, but so far it's worth it.
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    Does this application have a gamecast functionality? where it loads play by play quickly without a refresh? if so, how is it?
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    For a single game, the mlb's free mobile web site gamecast is much better. The app does let you quickly change between games and does link to the mobile web site.
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    It updates at the bottom, has the full 1-9 inning scoreboard, if theres any runners on base,the count,how many outs, the current batter, and the current batter. Dosent have like details on the outcome of the at bat or stuff like that. Hopefully you can select a game and get a full page dedicated to it in future versions.
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    Thanks guys, I guess for 5 bucks I cant really go wrong either way, even if the gamecast sucks the video highlights will be worth it alone!!!
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    Dang Ryan Howard. (;

    <---- Cards fan.
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    Wow, afte rhearing the reviews im going to have to get this. I was for sure not going to get this because you have to pay for it yet. I can go to wap.mlb.com from my phone and get live pitch by pitch for free (sure it drains the battery at lightning speeds.) but its free.

    But if you are all saying the video highlights are nicely added and are done quickly the 5 dollars is going to have to come out of my pocket.
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    That's good stuff. Thanks for taking the time to test that, I was interested in how fast were these "live video updates".

    Sounds great!

    Yankee fan here, definitely not going to like to see more losses on the gorgeous screen but going to love the ability to check other games out as well.
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    If that guy hits another 400-foot opposite-field homer off THE END of his bat, he really needs to pee in a cup before every game.

    As far as the videos, they're a little glitchy on WiFi. They start playing WAY too soon because they have to pause in 2 seconds to let the download catch up. Then they never seem to finish. The videos over EDGE are crappier quality but don't have that problem. Arrgh.

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