MLB opening day

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by darster, Apr 5, 2012.

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    MLB HD is even more impressive than last year. Excellent picture with no problems. From another forum I read is that MLB is streaming at twice the bitrate they were last year.
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    Same crappy low frame rate and suck ass mono 1.0 audio
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    Really? Picture crystal clear and a lot better than last year.
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    I'm quite sure is the same bitrate and res as last year.

    The 2010 season had a lower res.

    Frame rate is lower than live TV. Looks like ~24FPS

    With the XBMC MLB addon, max you can select is 2400k bitrate. It is higher with with regular devices like the ATV ect. I think it is around 4500 5000k. Was trying to check earlier with an ATV 3 connected by wire on a router with tomato. I got distracted. I saw the graph. It was around 5000k
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    From the Roku forum. MLB is twice last year's bitrate.
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    Oh that explains it.

    I was going to buy a Roku last year but read on the MLB.TV forums that the Roku did not have the HD streams like other devices did last year.
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    Quality is leaps and bounds better this season than last. Wow.
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    Quality was great last night. Watching SF game tonight and it is leaps and bounds worse. Anyone else notice a drop in quality today?
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    Watching the same game. Road stream. Would have to agree with you on the ATV. Looks good to me on the ROKU 2. Have the Roku for main viewing and ATV on second tv. Don't know why there is such a difference. Roku has been perfect today and sharper that ATV. Perhaps because the ROKU is 1 to 2 pitches behind the ATV and processes the signal better before streaming.

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