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Mlmac .06 = Kazaa for Mac!

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by powder8, Jul 1, 2003.

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    Yeah, I got this the day it came out. The interface is a lot better than the first one...... The only real issues I have is, sometimes it will lock up or freeze or lose connections. Kinda buggy, but hey, it is the closest thing to kazaa for the mac out there.
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    Gift does not work as well, I have it also. And why would you want to complile something when mlmac is all set up and ready to go and will conect to Fasttrack right away. You can then set your prefs to conect to as many supernodes as you want... for "average" users mlmac is a much better solution to sharing on the Fasttrack network when it comes to ease of use and set-up.... plus i just ran gift and mlmac at the same time then did a search for Pink Floyd (after letting them both run for about five minutes to establish connections to nodes/supernodes) gift only gave me 267 results and mlmac produced 493... and in my experience with gift i have never been lucky enough to get fast downloads even when trying twenty of the same file and I am consitently get 30-40kps downloads after poking around through a few files on mlmac...
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    is all this like limewire?
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    I get tonnnnss of search results, but whatever i download seems to be "stalled" and won't download...
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    tommy!....try downloading from the fasttrack network and not the donkey network. Downloads tend to work better from there. Kazaa downloads start faster. All of the donkey downloads take awhile to go from "stalled" to downloading.
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    It found an entire album for me right off the bat. No single track nonsense. The speed was better than my average with Acquisition.

    It stays!
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    Very useful, but no replacement for Donkey and Acquisition. I like the improvements to the interface, but I still need to be able to save and catalogue my searches.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    how do you get all of the songs in the album?
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    It was a 72 Meg Stuffit file, with the Band and Album in the name. I left it downloading at work :eek: when I left for the evening and have yet to see how or if it turned out. The search procedure went very well for that particular album.

    It did crash on me once, but immediately resumed the download when I restarted it.

    I did look a the iTunes store first for it, but alas...;)

    - j

    edit Camino doesn't run CreativePro.com correctly. :( But I'm sure I'm not running the absolute latest here at home (dial-up). One more shot tomorrow! Incidentally, I do like how Camino raps the toobar bookmarks around to a second line...
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    Thanks, but it seems the fasttrack downloads that dont work :( i go to that website thing to track my connection, and it says i am connected to fast track servers, but that they have no users or files. donkey downloads work sometimes but they stall as well.... maybe its my connection?just under 56k....
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    they have full albums of music on emule/edonkey2000 networks...they are .rar files
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    Help for Tommy

    Tommy, it may be your 56k that is causing the problems... but here are a few hints to make your experience more succesfull.... 1. Open the the prefs in Mlmac click the Advanced mlnet preferences button, then click the drop-down on Fasttrack change the value on Max Connected Ultrapeers to a higher value like 10 or 15 then check the retain box to the right... 2. Now open System Preferences, select sharing under Internet & Network, select the firewall tab and click the New button, on the port name drop-down select Other in Port Number, Range or Series type 1214 and then in Description name it Fasttrack. Click OK... Now you will connect to more ultrapeers which should give you more search results, which should increase your chance of connecting to people with available files and who are on high speed connections and you have opened up the port on your computer which Fasttrack uses and that should help a bunch as well.
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    Hmmm, it doesn't seem to want to install the mldonkey daemon.

    It will download the Unix exe file, mount the disk image, then sit forever saying "installing the new version." How can I install the daemon without using mlMac, and then use mlMac as the GUI for it?

    Oh, yeah. I have Panther. Maybe that's it.
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    I wonder why openly talking about pirating music (and other things) is allowed here.
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    What about classic?

    Is there any way of connecting to this sort of thing from a classic app? It's just that i'm on 8.5 :( and mlmac is only for jaguar. So, is there any similar app for classic? And don't say limewire - that doesn't work!

    - Reiginko
  18. Wes
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    As I take it, you are allowed to talk about networks and new programs that allow for the propogation of the files, but no individual servers, files, or requests are allowed.

    For all we know he downloaded an album of sparrow chirps.
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    Re: Help for Tommy

    thanks :D i love you guys :)
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    No wonder he couldn't find it on iTunes Music Store!!! How exactly would you search for an album full of sparrow chirps anyway? Or is that a new band I've not heard of?:D
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    This is quite a pun, hawk ol' boy if I can call you that. Search for the Bay City Chirpers, some amazing solos...;)
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    interface is a lot better, but file downloading seems not as good. For all of you facing problems the older versions are still available in his site
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    I don't think ANYTHING should be called "Kazaa for Mac" unless it is an actual Mac program available at Kazaa.com (or better yet, Kazaalite.com).

    Frankly it's the best P2P program I've found out there. Only LimeWire comes close, and for me it leaves a lot to be desired.

    Visit Blue Pudding!
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    I can't find the older versions of mlmac on his site anywhere. So it looks like we're stuck using version .6 Not that I'm complaining. I like .6 better then either previous release.
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    substitute .5 for .6 in the download url. tried 0.5 but didn't have better luck with downloads, and search results were actually fewer and slower. upon returning to 0.6 i noticed some settings were reset - just minor annoyances, nothing major.

    stick with the latest.

    it's no acquisition replacement, but this app definitely has potential. fixing the "stalled" issue and enabling the other networks should be top priority.

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