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Mobee to Showcase New Magic Juice, Link, and Tunes at CES 2013

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Mobee, best known for its chargers for Apple's peripherals, has three new products that will debut at CES 2013, including a compact battery, a speaker, and a universal charging cable.

    Magic Juice ($79.99), Mobee's compact battery solution, is designed to provide a full charge for an iPad or two charges for an iPhone. The battery is the first charging solution that can be recharged wirelessly, using a Mobee flat charging station, which includes the Mobee Magic Feet and the Mobie Magic Charger.
    Magic Tunes is a double wireless speaker, meaning it uses Bluetooth to play audio and also recharges via the same Mobee flat charging station. The small rectangular speaker includes an integrated microphone, for use with Skype, FaceTime, and Conference calls.
    Magic Link is a simple charging cable that has the ability to be switched off and on. When an iDevice is fully charged or unconnected from the cable, it will switch off to save energy. The Magic Link works with all Lightning, 30-pin and Micro-USB connections.
    Mobee's products will debut at CES 2013, which begins on Jan. 8 and ends Jan. 11.

    Article Link: Mobee to Showcase New Magic Juice, Link, and Tunes at CES 2013
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    Have you ever known of a complex charging cable?

    I know this site doesn't do endorsed articles, or so i'm told, but this sure looks a lot like one.
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    Digital Skunk

    Agreed about this sounding like an endorsement. I do like the idea of it being micro usb compatible though.
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    well they've got to find a way to make up for all the money they were making from the appshopper app removed by apple. :rolleyes:
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    Magic Link is pretty worthless. Monitoring the power consumption of an iPhone after charging, it takes more than 2 weeks to register even 0.01Kwh. You'd have to leave your phone plugged in for years and years to recoup the cost of that cable.

    When a phone isn't plugged into your standard Apple charger, it consumes nothing. At least nothing registered after 2 months of leaving one plugged into a Kill-A-Watt meaning if it is using power, you're talking about less than 0.00Kwh in 2 months.
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    the iphone is such a low power device, you will never save back the money you spent on buying that cable.
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    After reading through that article three times, I still don’t understand how it works, exactly :confused:
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    They own AppShopper?
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    Yes they do
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    The power wasted in illuminating the cable would probably exceed the alleged power savings!!!
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    Magic link is the single most stupid accessory I have ever heard of. The 1/2 cent that I would save over a 30 year period is hadly enticing.
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    Agreed, that is a lot of ca$h. I mean between airline adapters, cigarette lighter adapters and wall power bricks, how often are we in the middle of nowhere, and in need of those 1-2 charges.
    To me this is clearly a niche market product.
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    My Anker works fine at $30
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    Not to mention the amount of energy used to produce, package and distribute a product you don't need anyway. I'm so sick of all this stupid greenwashing.
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    The cable is such a fraud, the iOS products use as close to zero energy as possible after reaching a charged state that you wouldn't recoup the cost of the cable in 5 lifetimes. That is a product who's sole goal is to rob people of hard earned cash and makes me look at the whole company differently now.
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    Maybe they will be giving some of these away at ces. I will keep an eye out :)
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    because it is not really an article, but advertising info. ;)
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    Oh well... From the comments it doesn’t look worth it, anyway.
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    I interpret its use as more to prevent your battery from overcharging than to save electricity. So you can safely leave your iphone charging overnight without worrying, and it will be at 100% when you wake up, and its battery none the worse for wear.
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    The phone already manages the battery charging, including when to start, stop, and the rate of charge. The cable just feeds it.
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    So you mean it is okay for me to just leave my iphone4s plugged in for extended periods of time?

    I never knew that...:D
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    U can leave it plugged in for weeks and ur battery wouldn't be any worse for wear.

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