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Mobile 9800 or 6800Go?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Aaon, Sep 29, 2004.

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    So, I was reading Tom's HArdware Guide this evening, and stumbled on this article regarding a computer manufacturer in Canada. It seems they are planning a notebook which will feature a mobile version of the Nvidia 6800, the 6800 GO:


    So which would you rather see in future Powerbook updates, the 6800GO or the Mobility 9800 from ATi? PErsonally, though I'm sure the power of the 6800 is impressive, I would rather see the ATi card int he powerbook. It his more than enough graphics power or a mobile machine, plus I can't imagine that the 6800 would be easy on battery life. Thoughts?

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    I have always enjoyed Ati products more than Nvidia. Plus i hear the 9800 mobile is basically a x800.
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    i dont want that notebook! yeah, it will kick ass in performance and have a good gpu but it prolly has about 10 minutes of battery life and uses a desktop processor! it crams 3.6ghz w/ a 800mhz fsb in there! i didnt see how much it weighs but i'd imagine at least 15lbs fully loaded. although 2hard drives and 2 optical drives could be nice...
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    Oh, let me be clear! I don't want it either! My next computer will be a Powerbook (or maybe an iMac :p ). The graphics card is what interests me!

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    Yeah, I'll order my 17" PowerBook G5 with the 2.0 GHz PPC970fx, a 6800go, a 7200 rpm harddrive, and the standard refrigeration unit...
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    i'm not sure where you got that information but that's not even close. the 9800 mobile is less powerful than it's 9800 Pro desktop counterpart and the x800 KILLS the 9800 Pro in performance.
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    DUH do research

    The 9800 mobile is an x800 part man not based on 9800 desktop at all. They simply chose the name as a continuation for there mobile line. Check out ATIs website.

    Added from gamers-depot.com

    "The Mobility Radeon 9800 looks to add more distance as it’s essentially an X800 core GPU with eight pixel and four vertex pipes – nothing to sneeze at by any standard.

    Both the desktop and mobile teams collaborated on this new GPU – we can all thank ATI for purchasing ArtX a few years ago for all the kick-ass technology we’ve seen from them since. By having both teams working on it, ATI was able to quickly harness the expertise of each group – giving the 9800m a quantum leap in both features and performance over previous generations.

    Built using a .13-mircon process, this GPU adds the world’s first 256-bit memory interface, something that helps alleviate the typical memory bottleneck which has plagued past designs. Truth be told, anything less this time around would be even more crippling as there are a lot more pipes to keep full with data."
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    it's more like an x700 which is and 8 pipeline x800.
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    Its not about what its like in terms of pipes, its what chipset it is based on and in this case it is simply a cut down x800 series chip.
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    which is what the x700 is :p
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    you are correct, i should have read a little more about what chipset is was based off of. :eek: still doesn't change the fact that it'll never even approach the power of the x800 since benchmarks show it still falling short of the 9800XT.

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