Mobile Me 1.1 update now on software update.

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by mamosley, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Just ran software update and installed it.
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    I saw it and loaded it on my wifes computer last night - did update check on my computer this morning and it's not showing up! Anywhere I can down-load it directly?

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    Yeah, I've been checking software update periodically over the past 48hrs. and have yet to see any MobileMe packages.
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    My iMac is all up to date, however the macbook does not even have the original MM update anyone in the same position? Or have any way for me to download the MM update because I can't find it anywhere.
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    Its still not on mine :mad:
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    Post #164 has the link to the update.
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    This just popped up on my screen. I guess .Me is finally ready to go. I haven't been able to do the upgrades via Software Update until now.

    C'mon push data!
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    I gave up on the Software Update and used the manual link. Thanks!

    All seems to be working well and I verified the push mail with my iPhone. Now to get working on my MBP!
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    finally! I just go it too! :D
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    Still is not showing up on my macbook. If you get the update, post the type of computer you have please. My iMac (white) Intel is all up to date, and pushing. However the blackbook 2.4GHz won't push to my iMac or MM, yet receives updates.
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    Cheers! Appearing in software update for me, installing and crossing fingers for the final piece of the push puzzle!
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    I have to Macbooks one is update to date with both updates and the other on only has one update on it and not the new one
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    I had to click around in the .mac preference pane to get mobileme update to pop up.
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    My earlier reply was too hasty. Push email is working for me but not push contacts or calendars.
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    Try this. I have a White Macbook 2.0 GHz.
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    I experience a varying amount of delay with calendar push, but it does work for me. Give it a few minutes.

    Not that I'm suggesting that this is acceptable.
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    Just now got the same thing! About time!
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    Again, echoing (sp?) the comments of a few others here, I had the software update simply pop up in a dialog box after horsing around a bit on using my browser (Safari). Manually going through Software Update did nothing. I got both my MacBook and iMac to work this way, so if you're not getting the update, go to your online page and click around for a few minutes and you should get the update dialog box.

    ps seems a lot more repsonsive and (dare I say it?) normal. I've also got syncing working just fine (pushing my iCals to each other and my iPhone). Still can't seem to get push mail to work.
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    I don't see how safari could force it to do it..... but ill try it out thanks!
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    I have been messing with my settings to get them to the way I wanted, and still nothing. I manually installed the .mac to MM update, and it didn't force the 1.1..

    I am just wondering why not, it doesn't really make sense.
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    Regarding getting Safari to "force" the update, I'm not sure at all how this works. I've never experienced such an idiosyncratic update before. I did, I think, also have .Mac prefs open, so maybe having that active triggered the update, not Safari. Very odd.

    ps just read another thread in this sub-forum and it looks like its the .Mac pref pane -- if you haven't gotten the update, go to .Mac in system preferences and click on the account tab button (or off of it, onto another, and then back on to it). This should do the trick!
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    Took long enough. It didn't show up at first so I signed out then back in and clicked around on the tabs in .Mac System Preferences and then it finally worked.

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