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Mobile me completely down? Total Junk!

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by drjjw, Jul 14, 2008.

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    I'm accessing from Canada. Not sure if this is sytem wide but all sync servers are down, not getting any push mail to phone. Can't even access account via phone. What a nightmare Mobile Me is.
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    Yes it is total Junk!. Total. Not. I think after the resolution of the Moore-Bertuzzi lawsuit, MobileMe will be fully operational.
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    Do you agree? Not sure from your reply

    Can;t tell from your response if you;re kidding. Are the services working for you at the moment?
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    Sky Blue

    works fine for me.
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    My services are not completely working, but I am patient.
    I just thought your thread title was a bit ridiculous and absurd given all the circumstances. I've had .Mac for years and really enjoyed the service. Last week I lost my webmail at work for 2 days during the transition. And I really needed access to it. But I still didn't freak out. But you made it sound like you bought a Zune or something and watched it split open. Just sounds like an overreaction. A lot of people are. Don't get me wrong. I understand you are frustrated and want instant push like satisfaction. But it's not the end of the world and it will get sorted out.
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    Good to see there are others that still have faith in Apple. Give it a week or two whilst the bugs get chased out of the system. The same thing happened with TM. We all expected to be able to wirelessly backup and when it first came out we couldn't.....now we can. During that period people were irate, just like they are now, but it all worked out in the end.
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    Kind of tough to please the Instant Gratification Generation.
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    Well said - I think people were/are way too impatient with this sorta thing - it's a huge overhaul for them to do and it can't just magically happen at once without some flaws.
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    Guys, what planet are you on, really?!

    Apple has spent millions bashing the even worse mess that is Vista on a one lame get a Mac commercial after another. And here that same company release a pile of smoldering crap known as MobileMe. i migrated from a BlackBerry after drinking the punch that Steve Jobs was serving at the WWDC. I expect push because they promised it and I pay for it.

    My comments are completely valid. Sorry Macheads (and I am one!) but this is just poor and way beneath Apple. Don't promise a revolutionary product and when it doesn't come through say "it's just to revolutionary, too big an overhaul". Grow up guys!
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    Bravo sir. If you were a girl, I would give you an open mouth kiss.
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    yup - its gone down again this evening - none of my emails are being received. I've had to move over to a different email.

    This is getting bad.
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    I think of MobileMe and I think... poop. Anyone else with me?
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    Nope. I'm sure they'll iron out the issues.
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    Sorry but a OS and MobileMe aren't a good comparison. Esp. not after M$ worked on Vista for 5, I say five years. 2nd, just like MacBooks, MacBook Airs, anything else, even though this isn't hardware, it maybe even more true of software, rev. A and version 1.0 (hell this thing is more like beta 0.91) are often tricky like this and they rely on the public to flush out the kinks, etc. Early adopters often pay the price. All this said, Apple has in the past rushed some things to market in order to meet self imposed deadlines, only to have them incomplete and buggy. But they always get it corrected and working.
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    I do hope you're correct. Not to imply anything about other users, but this really is not a toy for me. Its a major productivity tool that my business depends on (i.e me being totally connected). Hence the frustration, more than you perhaps.
  16. JNB
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    Your business depends on a consumer product? Make no mistake, MM is most assuredly not a commercial-grade tool, and isn't made out to be one. It's specifically made and marketed as a personal/family/home product.

    If you want a business tool, you buy a business tool. If you want business reliability, you pay for business reliability.

    I'm annoyed with the transition, but other than helping keep my Exchange calendar pushed to my iPhone, I specifically keep my business off MM (and dot Mac before it). Anything that's truly "mission critical" I expect to pay more that $99 a year, and even more reliability & robustness than dot Mac had. You know, the whole "five nines" thing.
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    The MobileME launch has been a colossal failure for Apple. Whoever was in charge of its rollout needs to find a pink slip in their inbox, most ricky-tick.

    One of the worst launches in Apple's history. :rolleyes:
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    That is complete horse excrement, sorry.

    A commercial grade tool implies that I would use it to make money. But asking that it do SIMPLY what it was stated to do is not asking too much. Recall, MM costs 99 a year in addition to the data plan. Blackberries do not require such a premium. And what is the premium in this case? The awful MM logo? It is ludicrous of you to suggest that I'm expecting too much from this. I'm, expecting it to work as advertised, that's all!
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    Last week on Thursday I really needed to email some plans from my architect to my bank for financing on my renovation loan. I access my .mac mail at work all the time. But due to me.com transition I was without web accessible email all day thursday and friday. It was quite bothersome to me that I was without access to those emails and attachments and that I could not forward them on.

    However, if you are using MobileMe for business, you should have waited till at least a week or two post-launch for the dust to settle before switching to it as to make sure it was completely reliable to your needs prior to depending on it. If you had .mac before and ran your business using that, then really you shouldn't be having any problems b/c while the push functionality and other issues are not working 100%, you should still have complete desktop, phone, and web access to mail and contacts, even if you have to turn off push and use them in a sync fashion, you can still get all of that working. In a manual fetch, everyone at this point should have mail access on phone, web, and desktop.

    It has been $99 a year for years under .Mac, nothing changed other than adding services, etc. If you bought it with an iPhone on launch weekend and expected all of that to be completely smooth sailing from moment one, while that would have been nice, and in some ways very Apple-like, it is also not realistic, as per first part of response. Be careful of adopting on a launch week when mass consumers bring out the bugs that you can't plan for in a closed testing environment.
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    You're one of those. Defend regardless of the argument, blindly. I'm not sure many would agree with you that it's the consumers fault for expecting to buy a finished product. It was most certainly not a Beta like you say. Boot Camp was a beta for a year and it worked fine on day one. This is a calamity in terms of living up to promises.
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    Ah ha! So I'm not the only one here who thinks of poop when talking about MobileMe.
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    We're all frustrated.

    Sorry, but if it is such an important productivity tool for your business, you had no business jumping into it until launched successfully. At a minimum, you should have kept your BB running just in case.
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    While the consumer should expect a product to be finished, its not a very good rule of thumb to immediately adopt a new product on day one to run your business.

    You're not going to find many companies who update to the latest version of Windows or OS X the day it comes out. They evaluate it at launch, make sure it does everything it needs to do, wait for the initial bugs to be patched, and then adopt it.
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    While the launch of MM has been problematic, the OP is adamant in their belief and unwillingness to consider other points of view. I suppose there's no reasoning, nor ability to suggest that needs outweigh design purpose.

    Sigh, indeed.
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    Well when you promise instant gratification features such as push, and it doesn't work, what do you expect? Push email for Yahoo mail was working for me but as of today, it's not pushing emails.

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