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Mobile Penryns to Launch on January 6th

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 5, 2007.

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    DailyTech.com pinpoints the release of the upcoming mobile Penryn CPUs on January 6, 2008.

    The upcoming mobile Penryn CPUs have been previously summarized and are expected to provide new processors that Apple could use in an upcoming MacBook Pro update.

    Macworld San Francisco starts on January 14th, with a Keynote speech to be given by Steve Jobs on January 15th.

    Article Link
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    I want my MacPro update before MWSF. Make MWSF a super duper laptop day. Just give us the MacPro Apple!
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    Macbook Thin

    Time to roll out the new 'Ultra Thins...'
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    I tried reading the MR Guides and can't seem to get it - are the new mobile Penryns dual or quad core?
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    Woohoo for new processors! It doesn't directly affect me at this point since my MBP is only 6 months old, but hey, good for the people who were planning on buying a new notebook! I'm hoping for some sort of sweet new features for the iPhone at MWSF. Hopefully we don't have to wait until February for new stuff (launched alongside the SDK).
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    If true this is most excellent news!!! Well, then again, the desktop class of the Penryn has already been announced and there is not an updated Mac Pro available....

    Me = new Penryn MBP in Jan!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you think that 9 days between the Penryn release and the keynote is enough time for an immediate release of the MacBook Pro's?? I'm afraid they won't start shipping till later in January....I really need a new MacBook Pro for spring semester!!
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    13" MacBook Pro FTW !
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    I have my macbook for 1 year and a half now. Its working great and all but I want to replace one with a little bit more 3D processing power. Hopefully, this new 13" ultra thin will provide that for me...otherwise...ill probably upgrade to the regular MBP. But in any case...its time to save up some cash now so I can upgrade comes january.
  10. jnc
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    ...Shipping in February...
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    Penryn doesn't even really seem all that impressive, a bit less power consumption, a bit cooler, but supposedly not much more powerful at least real world. I'm just hoping the prices of the current macbooks take a dive so I can buy one sooner.
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    I'm in the same boat, been waiting for january for one semester now because I didn't really need to have a potent mac this semester. But next semester I will be doing a lot of FCP, Motion, Maya... so Penryn MBP would be awesome!
  13. jnc
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    not so bothered about it being ultra thin, I want it to be able to incorporate some decent components in there. I just want a lighter, more powerful MacBook, which this sounds like it'll be.
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    credit card in hand . . .
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    Dual. The quads aren't due out till 2H'08.
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    Ready for my ultra light/thin laptop with the fold-out or unrolled 30 Inch screen.

    Warning: Wrinkles and folding marks may affect the image, LOL

    Very appropriate ... Jan 6 is 3 Wise Men day, NEW TOYS!
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    Penryn is VERY impressive IMO.
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    Jan. 6th is a Sunday.
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    New iMacs too?

    I would like to see a 30" iMac with the top end processor :D
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    Mbp In January

    I really need a new MBP, but have NO interest in a smaller 13 inch screen. The ultra-portable will be great for some, but I want an upgraded MBP. ANyone truly think they will come out with both? Apple has been disappointing at past BIG announcements and needs to fix the bugs in Leopard before I get real excited.
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    I'd say there is a good chance of both.

    I would not be surprised to find out apple and intel have been working together to "spin" the new Peryn line to say something like, Peryn, from sub-notebook to 17" books, we have you covered.
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    MACPRO NOW!!!!

    It's been so long. MacBook Pro can wait!. :D
  23. Guest

    Likewise...I can't wait to use my credit card for the BEST slim notebooks ever...GO APPLE!
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    I'd like to know as well, are they dual or quad core ?
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    I'm waiting for that new Macbook Pro too, come on Steve, hear us!

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