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MobileMe and my email address!?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by jontucker, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Anybody have any idea if it will be possible to transfer my current domain name email address to the MobileMe service?

    I really like the look of it but I couldnt change my email address to an @me.com one!

    I suppose another question would be was it possible to use custom domain names with .mac?
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    you have the choice of changing it to .me or keeping the .mac account name. You will have 2 sets (.mac and .me account).
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    I really doubt it.

  4. NAG
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    You can use your own domain name with the mobileme website. So the above poster is wrong.

    About transfering your email. You can do email forwarding, but you can't really do much more than that.
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    not sure if this helps but from the apple website:

    Your email address at me.com or mac.com.

    As a MobileMe subscriber, you can still use your email address at mac.com. You’ll also get a new address at me.com with your user name. Use whichever one you like.

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    You can disagree with my opinion, but "wrong" is improper since I'm just making a guess at this point. Have you seen some documentation from Apple that shows you can do this?
  7. NAG
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    It's an advertised feature. So yes, your assertion is wrong regardless of it just being your opinion. link
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    Ah, I see that I was wrong on .Mac, thanks for the correction. Have you seen anything about this for me.com though? That is what the OP and I were wondering.
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    NAG, you can use the domain name to host a website, (www.website.com), but cannot used the attached e-mail names (joe@website.com) within the .mac system.
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    I've just pre-ordered MobileMe, for £59 (UK).
    I was kinda hoping that at the time of ordering I would be able to pick my email address, didn't get that option, oh well, Just gotta hope the one I want doesn't get taken before I can register it. I've also registered to be notified when MobileMe becomes available (says mid july on the website), so if any of you are concerned about not getting the name you want, could be an idea to register too.
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    I believe all .Mac addresses will have first dibs on their .me counterparts. So if I had macrumors@mac.com then no one could take macrumors@me.com... essentially it's mine.

    If you have an address that you really want I'd just sign up for .Mac today and cancel your pre-order since you can roll over into it anyways.
  12. NAG
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    And if you read my post you'll notice I said the only solution was email forwarding.

    Read first, jump to conclusions later (or not at all preferably).

    Anyway, all the dotmac features are coming over to mobileme minus web view for bookmarks and the slideshow publisher screen saver thing.
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    I did initially want to sign up for a .mac account, but for the life of me I can't find where to sign up, is it still available to buy?
  14. NAG
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    They seem to have killed the ability to buy dotmac, I can't find it. So you'll have to wait for mobileme to be up within the next month.
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    I'm not doubting for a second that the site says mid-July as I've seen that statement myself, but during the WWDC keynote, didn't Phil Schiller throw up a slide which stated Mobile Me would only be available in September?

    Are we starting to see a pattern emerging here?

    v2.0 now June 27th instead of early July according to a leaked ad on apple.com, and now Mobile Me 2 months early, now mid-July?

    Is anyone starting to doubt Apple's release estimates? - Cos' I sure am.

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    Ok, I just successfully registered a .mac account. I went to the .mac website, and chose to sign on, then clicked the 'sign up' button.

    Unfortunately, it costs more to get a .mac account than it does to get a MobileMe account (£69 compared to £59) I got one all the same, and yes, the name I really wanted was taken, Life goes on :eek:
  17. NAG
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    The September thing is unrelated to mobileme. This is talking about the iPhone/iPod Touch push notification service which will be a free ability for iPhone apps.
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    Ok cos I now have a .mac account, I visited the site, clicked on more info about MobileMe, clicked the FAQ, and it says this:

    When will I be upgraded to MobileMe?
    The transition will occur in early July when MobileMe becomes available. A change of service email will be sent to your mac.com address when the upgrade occurs.

    Link: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1932 (if it works for you)
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    Would new MobileMe users (after July 11th) be allowed choose either .mac or .me address, or is this option limited to existing .Mac users?
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    That option would be just for current .mac users
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    My understanding is that only current .mac users will have the option of .mac or .me But I could be wrong.
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    Yeah but the thing is "using your own domain name" doesn't just mean pointing your web address to an iWeb created site hosted on .Mac (MobileMe), it obviously means using it for email addresses too. So, frankly, you are wrong.:cool:

    I signed up for a free .mac trial yesterday, and the push syncing of mail, contacts and calendars looks pretty useful for me (work computer, home iMac, Powerbook and soon iPhone) and I guess I'll be happy to continue using Gmail IMAP to manage all my email accounts as I do at the moment, but it would be much more helpful if MobileMe would let you send from your own email adresses, as GMail (sort of) does.
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    M. Malone

    wow NAG, you must know a lot, and you're very friendly at explaining things, thanks! :rolleyes:

    You're wrong here, you can sign up for a .Mac trial then keep the name when MobileMe is out:


    Read first, jump to conclusions later (or not at all preferably) :)
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    You shouldn't have purchased dotMac from Apple, it's much cheaper on Amazon. I bought a family pack for $124, was delivered today. It's like buy one full priced account, get 4 sub-accounts for ~$5 each.
  25. NAG
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    I did read first and noted that I could not find it. Good for you being only the third person to find the sign up option after I posted. You should give yourself a cookie. :p

    And tallyho, since you're apparently incapable of reading my post:

    Now sit and think about that. Maybe you can have Jericho share his cookie with you if you need to be cheered up. :p

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