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MobileMe for Business Use - How do you use it?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by MacFanUK, May 14, 2010.

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    I'm considering buying MobileMe to use for my business - mainly for the idisk and online file sharing, etc. I have used MobileMe before but decided to not renew it because I felt the price was too high, and it was in the period where it changed from .mac to mobileme along with all the teething problems.

    I am just curious as to how you guys use it here - are there any people here that use MobileMe for business? If so, what in particular do you use it for?

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    I use MM in my business for personal consumption only to keep 3 mac's - (work, home, laptop), iPad, iPhone in sync... for that, it is fantastic. The gallery for home and work is the best photo view and share app of all of them in my opinion.

    As far as MM in business to share with employees etc, the only real way to do that is to go with a family pack (5-users) and well, that just doesn't work... For that I would stick with google options and dropbox.

    Hope this helps :)
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    Thanks for your thoughts. My business, at the moment is just myself and my fiance. Currently I use Windows (but am looking to switch to OSX soon) and I have set up Google Apps on my domain so all my company email is on Googles system and I use dropbox for files, but I'm finding this isn't really the best solution for what I want to achieve - problem is, I guess, I don't know 100% what I want to get out of MM.

    I think, if I go down the route of an iMac (or Mini) and laptop for myself and the same for my fiance, it would be good to have them all sync'd. My fiance has an iPhone 3GS and I will be getting a 4th Gen iPhone when they're out but not sure what the iPhone app is like - can that be tried with a trial account?
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    First, go here and make sure to look at MobileMe features and tutorials:


    I have been thru exactly what you are thinking about... for years... I really do think that to really enjoy MobileMe that you need to be using ALL apple products. Even the airport extreme makes using BackToMyMac easy...

    Where MobileMe starts to fall down is syncing calendars with more then one user (which is very hard to do) for that, In business, I think I would look at:

    BusyCal: http://www.busymac.com/

    BusyCal is like iCal "Pro". It is very iCal / Mac like and will give you all the features you need to use and share calendars in business...

    MobileMe (familypack) would be fine to keep your address books in sync...

    I guess the best thing to do is to have a server in your business to really keep you and your employees in sync... Here is something else to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER!!!

    Apple now offers the most cost effective way to do that (even more cost effective then windows) and that is a mac mini running snow leopard server: http://www.apple.com/macmini/server/

    Go to an apple store and talk to them. I bet you will end up going this way :)

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